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Back temporarily in Irosin, Sorsogon - my hometown.

 Irosin, Sorsogon

Now that I have a very good-paying remote work, I can actually go to a place anywhere I want. I have been living in Manila for almost two decades now mainly because my previous jobs require me to report to a physical office just to work. My life now is very much far from my old life because I am a full-time virtual assistant. Since my two other sisters have no work because of pandemic, we decided to go back to Bicol to spend a few months. [Photo above (L) taken inside Gallanosa National High School where I spent my high school years and (R) in Tulay, Bagsangan.

Last Sept. 8th, we rented a private van for Php 14k and spent 13 hours on the road to go back to our hometown in Irosin. We made sure we have legal papers with us because of the many road checkpoints and to make sure as well we don't have the COVID19 virus. As part of the nation-imposed protocol, we first spent 14 nights in a quarantine facility inside Gallanosa National High School.] 


Life is great here in the province. We eat many greens and fruits compared to when we were in Makati. We are staying in a house situated near the national highway. Our house has no nearby neighbors. There are lots of rice fields surrounding us. I admit I feel less stressed living here in Irosin, my hometown. At night, I enjoy watching twinkling stars and gushing to the Moon's many appearances. I feel so great being able to locate Big Dipper and Small Dipper once again. [The above photo was taken inside Gallanosa National High School where I spent my high school years.]


We been around our province visiting Bulan, Santa Magdalena and Sorsogon City. My plan is to go around the province of Sorsogon to explore historical spots and tourist attractions that promote anything about plantbased and history however the threat of COVID19 is real. [The above photo was taken in Putiao, Sorsogon where we spent few hours as part of quarantine checking protocol by the local government of Sorsogon.]

talaonga beach

Since it is rainy season, we are not able to go out as frequent as possible to explore our town, Irosin and the whole province of Sorsogon. I am not complaining though - not everyone in Manila is given the chance by the Universe to go back to their hometown and be able to work at the same time. [Photo above was taken in Talaonga Beach in Talaongan].

I specially love going to Bulan after knowing that there are many ancestral houses that are beautifully preserved in this coastal town. Bulan has a special space in my heart because my grandma used to bring me here whenever she would buy veggies she would resell back here in Irosin. 

ancestral houses in casiguran sorsogon

We plan to go back to Manila after January or a little longer. It depends though if there's something that would push me to go back ASAP. For now, I am totally enjoying the provincial vibe of my hometown Irosin. [Photo above (L) is De Castro ancestral house in Bulan and (R)  Welcome ark in Casiguran.

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