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My Room Wall Makeover Courtesy of Photowall


The owner of our rented apartment where we live for more than 4 years here in Manila decided to let us use the third room. This room was locked for 4 years and full of their belongings. Occupying the room is not free of course - our monthly rent has increased as well. Thanks to my remote work that is paying me twice than my salary before. Now I can afford to live in a more comfortable house with ample space and in a very ideal location. It was January when the owner gave the key to us so I can occupy it. However, I never had a chance to use it because I feel like I am fine staying in the other room with my sister.

Only when August came that I decided to be serious about beautifying this room because I learned that a room's appearance somehow affects our mood and in my case my productivity because I am a full-time virtual assistant. The color of the walls in this room is faded yellow. I don't like the color because it makes me feel week and uninspired. 

Photowall blog review

For the past few months, I have been trying to incorporate meditation in my life and watching many Youtube videos about law of attraction, mindfulness and manifestation. Slowly, every morning I recite things that I am grateful and even those wishes that I haven't received yet. My list includes a room with nature vibe because I love color green and I love trees. Because Manila is still on lockdown, I don't have much options of where to get things I need for a simple room wall makeover. I don't want to go out risking my life as well. 

Suddenly, I remembered an email from a brand offering premium wallpaper back in January. I just have no time to make it happen because my mind is always preoccupied, I don't have any drive to do it and I feel like there's always too much going on in my life. That's why this brand collaboration from Photowall is literally heaven sent for me. It came in the right time when I need a room wall makeover. It came in the right time when I feel like I need to improve the quality of my thoughts. Sleeping in a room that's so dull certainly won't give me creative juices I need to keep my life in full bloom. With all my heart, I thank the Universe for sending Photowall my way. I just can't believe that I manifested this fast my dream wallpaper covering the room of my walls! 

Introduction to Photowall
Photowall is a Sweden-based company offering top-notch quality wallpaper murals, prints & posters etc. You can even send an image of your choice and they can also customize any designs you saw from their website from your own specifications. Photowall works with some of the most inspiringn designers in the world showcasing each of their own unique style and story. Actually, the hardest part of this is choosing only one design because when I started browsing, I have a dozen on my mind that I wanna get!  

Photowall only produces the quantity of products required. This means they don't have a big storage room of ready-to-ship products. The printing ink they use from wallpapers contain no solvents or hazardous chemicals and is biodegradable. The wallpaper glue that comes that's include in the wallpaper kit sent is made from natural raw materials and is biodegradable. Even the boxes that contain the wallpaper is made of recycled material and the only additive is starch. To minimize carbon footprints, Photowall products are only transported via full trailers.

Photowall blog review

Ordering online via Photowall's website
Placing an order via the official website of Photowall is a breeze. The hardest actually like I said is choosing just one design - they have thousands of motifs that I wish I a hundred house so I can shop the rest of the designs I want. The most important thing you need to do before ordering is know the measurement your walls. I have read so many Photowall blog reviews about the step-by-step process on how to order any product via this website so I won't share that here anymore. 

Photowall blog review

Installing the Photowall wallpaper on my room walls 
To be honest, I was surprised how fast Photowall ships their wallpaper considering I am in Asia and this product is from Europe. If I am not mistaken within a week, I got the package already. It came even earlier than the estimated day of arrival! I was thinking I am gonna get a big box but what I got are small lengthwise boxes. Two pieces for the wallpaper that will cover two of my walls - each came with a kit.

Each of the wallpaper is divided into 9 pieces in crosswise form. To be honest, I was so shocked because even though the wallpaper came in roll form, when we took the wallpaper out, unroll it and lay on the floor it is so flat! The wallpaper is in 100% great shape. It took us two days to finish the installation: we spent 2-3 hours per day in the afternoon. Putting the Photowall wallpaper on the wall is very easy. In my case, I have my sister and her friend do it for me. The package also came with printed instructions and how to use each of the tools inside the wallpaper kit.

photo wall mural



I never thought that a simple room wall makeover can do so much in terms of setting my mood positively in the morning and cheer me up when things get crazy. I feel like my room became wider, my feelings are lighter all throughout the day and it still feels I am one with nature. I now have a spot where I can do my meditation, a bit of yoga and everything in between. 

If you are a good observer, you will ask how about the other 2 walls? The third wall occupies a big cabinet divided into 3 compartments where I store my clothes and the fourth wall is a secret for now. Stay tuned for the whole room makeover soon :) 

If you wanna order yours, you may use my code mariaronabeltranblog2020 for 25% off :) This is valid for a month starting today. I suggest you take advantage of this offer.

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