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This Hidden Private Resort Features An Instagrammable Swimming Pool with a Backdrop of a Real Hill and a Creek Just A Few Minutes Away

Rizal, Philippines
dreamridge resort tanay rizal

Dream Ridge Resort in Tanay, Rizal is one of the most dreamy private resorts near Manila I love the most. I have said this over and over again in all my staycation reviews: my standards for choosing a place for getaway either for a day tour or overnight stay is pretty high. Given the fact that I have been to dozens if not, hundreds of accommodations around the Philippines and Asia, I am confident enough to say that I can tell what makes a good staycation place worth recommending to family and friends. 

Last Monday, I got an opportunity to join a group of content creators for a quick one-night stand kind of adventure. I honestly have second thoughts whether I will back out last minute because Tanay, Rizal is so near. I am not expecting anything more than the countless typical resorts I have visited in the province of Rizal. I don't want to go to another same-same resort that has no wow factor. However, I remained optimistic because I know I will be in the company of new faces except Jerny and his fiancee whom I have joined in a few trips already but was so nice to catch up with them so I gave it a go. 

private resorts in tanay rizal

Tanay in Rizal reminds me of our overnight motorcycle trip last December. This is where we passed by going to our final destination in Infanta, Quezon. We spent 6 hours going there and 4 hours going back. This is what I realized - you don't have to take an overnight bus trip or a few-hour flight to be able to see magnificent scenery of nature. Tanay in Rizal can offer you that. In fact, I was reminiscing that chilly weather that me, my boyfriend, and our shih-tzu dog enjoyed while we are on our way to Dream Ridge Resort.  Not only that, the undulating sight of Lambingan mountain plus the road that gave us roller-coaster ride are just few of the reasons why you need to plan a trip to Tanay in Rizal and stay at Dream Ridge Resort.

Introduction about DreamRidge Resort
DreamRidge Resort is only a couple years old. It's a newly-developed private resort that caters to big groups. This is perfect for those who are looking for teambuilding venues near Manila or big family outing. Occupying a space of 1, 500 square meters, I like that everything is within a short walking distance. From the main gate to the swimming pool to the creek and to the upgraded version of native huts, you won't sweat I promise!

dreamridge resort tanay blog review

The Instagrammable Swimming Pool
The colors blue and green rule inside Dream Ridge Resort in Tanay, Rizal. Now that I became a crazy plant woman, I really appreciate the fact that this Instagrammable resort in Tanay has lots of it therefore color green is everywhere. The swimming pool that resembles an infinity pool from a distance of course obviously carries the color blue. Speaking of, the swimming pool of DreamRidge Resort has the best backdrop of all the resorts in Rizal and Manila in general I have been to. Dream Ridge Resort's certified Instagrammable swimming pool has a backdrop of a hill that is so close you'll guaranteed an authentic feeling of close to nature.

In the morning, the sound of flying birds humming in the air will serenade you. In the evening, the eerie noise of crickets would entertain you to sleep.  However, I do not recommend sleeping early because what's a swimming pool's use if you and your friends won't spend sometime here as long as you can handle the cold water?

company outing venue near manila

team building resort in tanay rizal

The rooms
Like I said, Dream Ridge Resort is a private resort that's why the design of the facilities are communal. There are no rooms for two or room for one person here. Actually, there are only three small huts in Dream Ridge Resort. The biggest of them have two rooms with two floors of bunk beds. The bunk bed is actually big enough for two people with Asian body - you know petite! Only downside I see here is that you have to bring your own blanket and toiletries because they don't provide that. There is aircon in each rooms but this I tell you, you don't need it because Dream Ridge Resort is already situated in a place with natural cool weather.  What you need is someone to cuddle with!  


The Food
In this trip I set aside my plant-based diet to make sure I get along well with my newfound blogger and vlogger friends. At the moment, all guests should bring their own food and cook it in the communal open kitchen. There's a fridge where you can put your ingredients, cooked and raw food to make sure whenever you need to eat, you can eat it in good condition. There's no nearby decent restaurant so make sure you brought enough food for your group. They have a small store but all I see are biscuits and junk food so better be prepared or you'll fast. 

We shopped our food from lunch to dinner and breakfast at Puregolds Tanay. I didn't see much in terms of vegan or vegetarian food for sale there so I ended up picking one soya milk in a single box , a pack of salted almonds, and instant oatmeal. I googled the night before about vegan restaurants in Tanay, Rizal. I didn't found any. The ending because I don't want to cause trouble telling the group I avoid to meat and its by-products, I gave up and just enjoyed eating what's in there with the group: hotdog, corned beef, and all that processed food. The sinigang turned out to be delicious even though it was missing the veggies that come with it. Thanks to Ron, the boyfriend of Rina who cooked for us. If I am like you who eats plant-based food, better bring your own food for your convenience. 

When the owner came, to my surprise she brought newly-harvested bananas from her farm. These bananas were my answer to my prayers because I was looking for a breakfast food that has no dairy in it. I wished I waited for a while! 

dreamridge resort tanay

More reasons why I like Dream Ridge Resort 

  • It's pet-friendly! How I wish I knew beforehand, I would have brought my baby love Ollie. He's a 10-month old shih tzu who travels with me whenever possible.
  •  Dream Ridge Resort knows that group outings aren't complete without karaoke so they have one there. You can sing your heart out unlimited in this resort without being judged! While there are no super near neighbors that might get bothered by the noise, it is best to do it in low tone. You're already in an open space. The sound travels faster than inside a closed room. Be a responsible singer :) 
  • There's also a creek in the far corner of this resort that is first and foremost NOT polluted. The water that flows here reaches to the nearby waterfall and ultimately joining Daranak falls. I suggest to walk here early in the morning when everyone is still sleeping - you'll feel serenity. I was also able to see some wild local fishes and it feels great because I don't get to encounter this in the metro. 
  • This resort can accommodate 20-30 pax. They all can't sleep in the three huts so I recommend to bring camping tents.
  • Cleanliness is top-notch. The whole place is very well-maintained. I see very few dried leaves or trunks or even plastic stuff. Good job!
  • NO free WiFi onsite and if you are  a Globe user like me, no data access including texts/calls. Don't worry, you'll survive. Just enjoy your social media detox. It is good for your mental health.

More photos of Dream Ridge Resort

where to stay in tanay rizal

team building venue in tanay rizal

We were so lucky to have a moment of chatting with the owner, Ma'am Tessa. I can see from her eyes and how she answers questions the passion and her deep love for this resort she and her husband built. Although, I regret not asking them about sustainability and less-waste management. They sell paper plates, paper cups probably also plastic forks and spoons that are all single-use. We can't blame them and it is not their fault because it is everyone's convenience however, I think we all should do our part now. I suggest they have table utensils that can be rented by guests to lessen plastic consumption. I know this is additional work to the staff because they need to wash these but global warming is freaking real and it is going to kill the next generations. I even brought my own refillable mug but I confess using one of the single-use paper cups we bought as well. You know, it takes time to sink in about the idea of less-waste, sustainability, and climate change.

dream ridge resort in taytay

Day tour schedules

Entrance fee ranges from Php 9k-10k for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday then Php 9.5k for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.
Entrance fee ranges from Php 10.5k for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday then Php 11.5k for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.
Overnight schedule
7pm-7am: Booking fee ranges from Php 10k for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday then Php 10.5k for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.
9am-7pm OR 7pm-5pm: Booking fee ranges from 15k for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday then Php 16k for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.


Exclusive venue
Hut with 2  airconditioned room that can accommodate 8-10 persons on each room (double decker bed)
Additional floor matresses can be availed for Php 50 each
Gazebo with rattan sectional and dining set
Infinity pool with jacuzzi (5X10 meters), 3-5 foot deepest
Heated pool or heated jacuzzi (advance booking required)
Rattan pool loungers
Fresh spring filtered water connected to the tap (not for drinking or cooking) 
24v hour CCTV security
2 Male and 2 Female restrooms and 3 outside shower
Garage parking for 5-6 vehicles
Karaoke (with fee)

dream ridge resort in rizal

Corkage/Additional charges

Karaoke is Php 700
Two A/C hut (glamping style room) can accommodate 4-5 pax each hut for Php 2k each
Heated pool and jacuzzi for Php 1k and entire pool is Php 4k
- One time heating only and up to 26 degrees celsius
- Jacuzzi - continuous use of heated jacuzzi blower up to 1.5 hours
Heated entire pool lasts up to 4-5 hours depending on weather temperature
Guests exceeding package count Php 100 per head and Php 200 per head for 22 hours stay plus overcapacity fee of Php 500
Bringing of electric appliances is Php 150 per item like rice cooker, microwave oven etc
Catering/lights & sounds/Live bands Php 2k per supplier
Photo booth/mobile bar/food carts: Php 500 per supplier (2 hours)
Extension per hour rate is Php 1k  

DreamRidge Resort Facebook fan page:

DreamRidge Resort address: Ipil Street, Cuyambay Tanay Rizal, 1850 Tanay, Rizal
Contact information:  0917 726 0216

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