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Prado Farms in Lubao, Pampanga Showcases Heritage, Culinary, and Farming Experience You Won't Forget

Back in December, I hurriedly purchased a farm tour package in Pampanga in a form of a discounted voucher from Deal Grocer. I know my mom, brother, sister-in-law and her kids are visiting over the holidays that's why for how many days I was contemplating about where to go in Pampanga. I couldn't think of anything else than go on a day tour to Pampanga to escape the hustle and bustle of the metro. I chose Prado Farms because of three reasons: a) it is just a few hours from Manila, b) looking forward to do some gardening kind of experience c) see  see old Filipino houses.

We later realized we don't want to deal with holiday rush so it did not happen. We just bonded the whole time at home until they went back to Bicol. The voucher I bought has expiration. If not used, I wouldn't be able to get refund so at the very last day, we  decided to commute to Lubao. Our voucher is good for 6 but only 3 of us showed up. It was too late for me to invite friends as well. Good thing the people behind running the Facebook fan page of Prado Farms are very prompt to reply via their Facebook messaging feature. On the way to the farm, we realized we took the wrong bus. We just messaged them via Facebook. They  even called us to make sure we are not lost. This is the kind of customer service I would love to recommend over and over again.

Prado Farm Location
This farm in Pampanga is very accessible. It's literally one ride away from Cubao terminal. You can find a Genesis bus bound either bound to Bataan or Olongapo via Lubao. That bus will stop right in front of Prado Farm. Most of the farm trips I have been are really situated in a difficult location like after reaching a main road, there's this narrow road that if you don't have own vehicle, you're doomed to either hire a tricycle if there's available or walk. In Prado Farms, this is not the case.

Prado Farm lubao pampanga

Prado Farm First Impressions
What you'll see first is the facade of Prado Farms' restaurant, the main entrance, and a huge gate made of very old LPG tanks. There's no clue that inside this farm is a treasure trove of beautiful old houses that will surely make you reminisce memories of your grandparents' house and enjoying the rural setting. Believe me, I have been to hundreds of tourist destinations here and abroad that's why my standards are quite high because I have seen lots of kinds of tourism-driven establishments. Prado Farms for me seems worth it for the money we paid.

prado farm tour rates

Prado Farms Day Tour
There are two schedules available for the day tour package in Prado Farms. One starts in the late morning and one starts early evening. Of course, we chose the first one because we don't want to get stuck in traffic or reach home very late at night because Ollie, my shih tzu that I love so much is alone. As a devoted dogmom, I never leave him unattended as much as possible.

farm tour package in pampanga

We started our day tour with a hearty buffet of delicious and very nutritious lunch. We were lucky because lots of people came but during ordinary days, usually lunch is prepacked according to the staff of Prado Farms. I am on plantbased  diet that's why I was so happy to see the kinds of dishes that Prado Farms served to us. The culinary delights you'll eat in Prado Farm is worth a highlight! I have visited some farms that look very promising in terms of sights but their food sucks. Here in Prado Farms, their food is one of the main reasons worth coming back. Most of the ingredients are sourced right from their own farm which is one philosophy I am trying to adopt since I have also embraced growing veggies. In my case, it is more difficult because I live in the city. 

Here's a list of what I loved the most that they served to us:
Multicolored Rice: handpicked rice varieties all organic and when possible, biodynamically grown. I am talking about black, red, brown and half milled white rice sourced anywhere from Cotobato to their backyard. 
Chinese Kangkong Pakora: freshly harvested organic Chinese kangkong, coated in benson flour with ginger and cilantro
Pumpkin Soup
Prado Green Salad: generous mix of fresh greens, home-grown and handpicked, served with our signature tangy Patis-Calamansi Dressing
Steamed Vegetables with Bagoong and Buro
Fruit Platter plus cake/cookies if I am not mistaken


Note: Since I am on plantbased journey, I chose to only feature those that matche my type of diet however I can assure you the other dishes they have are so tasty and yes I ate some of it. After our hefty and buffet lunch, the tour begins. We are only three but I was surprised though that they gave us one tour guide for us only. I was thinking maybe they'll combine us with other groups but I understand some groups do prefer to just hangout with their own buddies a.k.a. family members/friends. 

Prado Farms History
Victor and Amada Gutierrez acquired this 5-hectare farm in 1960's. They were also the first in the business of selling gas tanks. This explains why the main gate is decorated with these. They opened and transform the farm into an eco-resort in 1960's. 

Our first stop was the Blue House where we were told that this used to be house of the owners. I love the wooden staircase that leads to the second floor with a nice view of the surrounding. There's also an old bed built during the colonial days. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of that.

prado farm in lubao pampanga

Just less than a minute away is our second stop. It's a theater that features original piece of Pampanga's train station. The super wide windows and the fact that this theater is made entirely of wood gives me so much vibes of old Filipino times. These wooden chairs called as "butaka" remind me of the house of my grandparents who used to spend their lazy afternoons on this kind of chair. Today, this theater can be rented for holding meetings, workshops, shows and more.


Our third stop is the Yellow House located just a few cartwheels away from the Theater. We were surprised that despite it looks small outside, it has second floor and even attic. This is our most favorite spot in Prado Farms because of course it is super Instagrammable. It houses a small library in the second floor plus there's even veranda where you can enjoy the view outside. 

prado farm half day tour

Our fourth stop is another building that is bigger than the theater and also can be rented for gatherings. I did not took photos inside because I don't see anything interesting in terms of its cultural value. You can see clips of how it looks inside via the Youtube video I uploaded.

Our fifth stop is Prado Farms Chapel. It is not labeled as Catholic or any other religion that's why there are no statues of religious characters. There's a big wooden cross that was designed by Chef Claude Tayag. He's a known chef and he is a relative to the owners of Prado Farms. Private mass and even weddings are held here.

prado farm half day tour

My Most Favorite Part in Prado Farm: Garden Tour

This is actually the one I have been looking forward the most and the reason why I paid for this half day farm tour in Pampanga.  I wanna see as many plants and flowers in person. I want to touch them, smell them, and learn a bit of knowledge. I have started growing edible plants indoors that's why my interest in urban agriculture is going bigger each day.

I honestly love riding on a cart pulled by carabao to see the garden, trees, mushroom room and a rice field. It's the quickest and most effortless way to get to one place from another. However, I told my buddies we'll just walk because it is good for the health and this carabao is the only one here inside Prado Farm carrying guests every single day. Imagine how many people comes here every day and how many years this carabao has been doing this job? 

We are so lucky that day because we saw one staff of Prado Farms was picking fresh leaves of different herbs and veggies to be used as ingredients for their cooking needs. This is not part of Prado Farm's half day tour itinerary we availed that's why we humbly asked if we can *help him*.  He was harvesting leaves of Chinese kangkong, lettuce, camote leaves, and talinum. My favorite part is picking flowers of hibiscus and blue ternatea. My only regret was I forgot buying a plant of this very beautiful and edible hibiscus plus the Chinese malunggay that I can grow back home. 

prado farm tour package

farm tour package in Prado farm lubao pampanga


tourist spots in pampanga

Prado Farms' half day tour takes only approximately 2-3 hours. They have rooms if you want to stay overnight. Next time we visit Prado Farm, we'll make sure to book a room so that we'll have more time to enjoy here and bring Ollie our dog because this site is also pet-friendly. There's payment of Php 300 per day though which I think is a bit expensive and the fact that it doesn't come with any dog treats or whatsoever. That's their policy so we have to follow. We also heard their breakfast buffet in the morning for those who are checked in is also worth giving a separate recognition.  

More photos of Prado Farms below:

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where to stay in lubao pampanga

tourist spots in lubao pampanga

prado farm half day tour package

travel guide to lubao pampanga

prado farm facebook fan page

Prado Farms' address is 
Km. 94-95 Jose Abad Santos highway, Prado Siongco
Lubao, Pampanga. According to its official Facebook fan page, Prado Farms is open 24 hours for pre-booked guests. Walk-ins can be accommodated from 9am to 5pm.  You can click HERE to check the website of Prado Farms.

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