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Where to buy suman chocolate flavored muron in Manila

Looking for suman muron for sale in Manila? You don't have to go outside Manila to eat the best moron suman in the metro that tastes so authentic like the ones in the provinces where it originated. Muron is a common traditional snack in a form of rice cake particularly in the Vizayas and Mindanao. Muron is like the unknown cousin of suman but for me more delicious! I have actually eaten once the "Suman Moron" in Ministop way, way back but I did not like it. It tastes so commercial and I think they have added preservative to lengthen its shelf life. I was looking for a suman moron in Manila that is homemade.

While checking a Facebook group for Manila vegans I saw this post from a lady in Pasig offering a chocolate muron. That time I was craving for a kakanin or any kinds of suman I can eat in the afternoon. I was staying in my American boyfriend's condo. I was eating lots of Western food and snacks for the past few months. I missed eating my childhood favorite delicacies specially the one suman in our hometown Irosin, Sorsogon which is squash and sticky rice. My mom and both of my grandmoms are the best cooks for this kind of suman but since I never see any here in Manila, eating a suman muron is a great alternative.

I quickly chatted this lady. The next thing I know was paying her 10 pieces of suman muron via my bank app.  I sent over some questions to her and she gladly answered. I ordered 10 pieces because I was used to the size of a typical suman but I was surprised when I got it. It is twice bigger than a typical "suman" I see in the streets. Best of all, the murons are still warm when I got it. I think they only cook muron when there's order so that you get it fresh. 

Nothing beats homemade food because it is cooked with love like these. Get to know here and her choco muron business below:

Q1 - Introduction about you. Where do you live? What's your work?  Any interesting information about you that you want the world to know?

A- I'm 22 yrs old currently living in Pasig City, I worked in Bpo industry as an agent for 2 1/2 years, I'm an animal lover,vegan and love spending my time learning foreign languages, playing mobile games and sketching.

Q2 - You're vegan, right? Why and how did you became vegan?

A - I'm vegan for about a year now. I decided to take care of my health since I started to notice that I'm overweight. I weigh almost 70kg considering my height is 5'5 tall, I had also a terrible acne all over my face and spent thousands of money to skin care products but none of them has worked. 

I had a very low self-esteem cuz of my condition and always afraid to go outside nor to take selfies was not my fave, but due to my willingness to get better I've spent many hours searching for the best cure and finally I came across to these famous vegan YouTubers( Brian Turner, simnett nutrition, Nina and Randa) they influenced me a lot and tried it for a week at first it's hard to transition since I'm an avid fan of dairy, meat and fish and I can also admit that I'm massive eater hehe, but I keep motivating myself everyday to avoid these sinful temptations and to always look after my health. 

And now after a year of hardwork I lost 15 kg and my skin got better and clearer no dark spots anymore. I can say for now that this is the best decision I had in my life. It is really true that nature can heal us and I'm so thankful that I transitioned myself to this and also it made me realized that I'm saving animals and helping the environment like your hitting 2 birds in one stone haha Im so happy that I discovered this lifestyle🙂.

Q3 -  Tell me more about your moron business.When did you start
this business? What's the story behind it?

A - I started to sell muron online during the lockdown in the Metro, I lost my job because of this pandemic. I'm the bread winner of our family so I need to think of something to support our everyday needs and also to be able to  stick to this lifestyle considering that I'm the only vegan in our family. I choose to sell muron cuz it's my all time favorite snack when I was a kid and also never seen someone selling it so rare since it not a popular kakanin like suman, bibingka etc. And also I want to promote more of the local foods here in Philippines especially this is a popular traditional snack in Eastern Visayas.

Q4 - What are the basic ingredients of suman muron?

A - The ingredients are: 
rice flour (giniling na bigas)
coconut milk (fresh gata pinigaan)
brown sugar
pure cacao powder

Q5 - What is the best time to eat moron?

A - It is best served while it's hot

Q6 - Where do you buy your ingredients?

A - We used to buy the ingredients in the local market

Q7 - What's the shelf life of muron suman? 

A - 4 to 5 days in the fridge

Q8 - What do you think makes your muron the best than the rest?

A - We make sure we choose the best quality and natural ingredients making it more healthy than other rice cakes that used to add dairy

Q9 - What are your contact details for those who want to order?

A - Contact me on Facebook. Name is Ronalyn Bajala Cuevas
Phone number: 09083133953

Regarding online sellers for the suman muron, I quickly googled and I only see very few results. There's this Nanay Choleng's Muron and some only sells this occassionally. Thee rest are are outside Manila.  That's why I am so glad that now I know where to buy very delicious muron suman in Manila that is  that is cruelty-free.

Btw, if you know any business that sells plantbased food or merchandise here in Manila let me know. I will be happy to feature them here :)

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