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My Greenmax Cereal Drink Blog Review

greenmax cereal drink review

You guys know how I am so crazy about seeds, grains and nuts since I started doing the plant-based lifestyle. As a matter of fact, my pantry in our house is full of glass jars containing different kinds of seeds, grains, nuts, legumes, beans, plant-based powder et cetera. When I decided to go home to my province in Bicol, I even brought lots of my glass jars with me here in Bicol just to make sure I will eat right.                                                                

greenmax cereal drink

Breakfast is my favorite than lunch and dinner combined because I feel like it is the perfect time to nourish my physical body with the strength that it needs all throughout the day. I have been practicing mindful eating which means knowing to stop eating when my stomach is full, eating slowly and preferably with loved ones, eating food that is nutritionally healthy and choosing only food that is ethically-sourced/cruelty-free. Most of all, eating solely and not watching TV or scrolling something on the phone until my plate and cup are empty.     

vegetarian cereal drink in manila

It is as if the Universe is really conspiring to start my day always in a state of gratitude because I discovered another worth looking forward every morning - a cereal drink. I love smoothies so much but I can't consume it every freaking day and I can't forgive myself to succumbing to a plate of "silog" again. Greenmax is a premium brand from Taiwan, a country I have visited few years ago. I so love this country for its food (including those offered in sidewalks) and planning to visit again since my brother studying for his doctorate degree is living there with a residence visa.                                                                                       

Greenmax is a Taiwanese company offering quick and healthy breakfast staples like oatmeal, cereal drink, biscuit and a lot more. This blog post will feature Greenmax Philippines' cereal drinks. I had the opportunity to try three flavors of Greenmax.  See below how I incorporated these cereal drinks from Greenmax to my morning mindful eating. 

1. Hot drink

Greenmax cereal drink blog

There are times that I don't feel like drinking tea or coffee early in the morning. I just pour one pack of Greenmax flaxseed and black soybean nuts cereal drink to a hot cup of water and voila, I now have a hot drink that's enough to fill my stomach that kind of energy I get from a coffee or tea. As always, I add any available plant-based milk from the fridge. Greenmax flaxseed and black soybean nuts cereal drink is creamy, milky and nutty! Unlike a typical tea or coffee, you'll feel it's as light as drinking water but with this one your stomach is a little bit more heavy after.                                                                                           

2. Cold drink

greenmax cereal benefits

I rarely wake up late in the morning because I am so mindful of the hours I start my day . I do my meditation during early morning but when I sometimes can't open my eyes that early, I wake up close to lunchtime. I think it is so hot already to drink coffee or tea that's why I chose cold drink this time. Greenmax flaxseed black sesame nuts is the one that I love adding in my glass of cold water. It still gives me that sense that I am awake already like what a coffee or tea can but somehow gives me a chilly feeling which is exactly what I want to feel because the sun is already up there. I have no photo with the one where I added ice cubes - sorry. Right after this photo-taking session, I drank it straight because I was so thirsty forgetting I haven't documented this level before it is all gone.

3. Smoothies 

Greenmax cereal drink prices

This was actually a clueless experiment whether it is going to end up well or not. I love smoothies so much that I make one every single day back in Manila. Here in the province, I don't have much options that's why I tried to add Greenmax flaxseed and adlay nuts cereal drink powder on my smoothies. Guess what, it did not disappoint! Maybe because the overall flavor is not overpowering the whole taste since my smoothies usually have banana and of course plant-based milk like soya, almond or cashew. In the absence of instant oats, Greenmax flaxseed and adlay nuts is the way to go.                                                                             

Do you ever wonder why all of Greenmax cereal drinks have flaxseed? The answer is it is high in dietary fiber and it provides individuals on a plant-based diet with a relatively large quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids. Greenmax cereals only use premium flaxseed it is high in dietary fiber, and it provides individuals on a plant-based diet with a relatively large quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids. Greenmax cereal drinks are lactose free, no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no artificial sweetener, no trans-fat, no thickening agent, no melamine, no plasticizers and no starch derivatives.

Greenmax is a leading brands for oat, grains and nuts, breakfast cereals in Taiwan for more than 50 years. Greenmax maintains high standards by having a team that examines all raw materials before production to ensure that their ingredients are devoid of any contaminants, toxins, pesticide residue, bleach and artificial elements. Greenmax only uses premium flaxseed. The products of Greenmax are lactose free, no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no artificial sweetener, no trans-fat, no thickening agent, no melamine, no plasticizers and no starch derivatives.

The main ingredients of Greenmax cereals are oat, sugar, black sesame, black glutinous rice, adzuki bean, black soybean, almond, flaxseed, barley, brown rice, cashew, buckwheat, walnut, hazelnut, pumpkin seed, adlay, yam, wheat germ and lotus seed. 

Each Greenmax packaging has 12 packs with shelf life of 18 months. Each pack weighs 28 grams. Greenmax products is FDA approved food. My only concern is maybe they can consider to put everything in one big packaging. When customer buys it, he or she can simply transfer it in a big glass jar with tight cap. Sachets are contributing largely to plastic pollution. Let's use plastic less if we can't avoid it.

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