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Where to eat in Juban: Emma's Shivoo Cafe and Mr. Pol's Bread and Butter Cafe


Restaurants in Juban, Sorsogon! This is the first thing that came to my mind the night before our trip to this town that's just 30-45 minutes away from Irosin, my hometown. I have long been dreaming of doing food trips around Sorsogon so I can come up with best restaurants in Sorsogon features and this is officially the start outside.

Remember the day that we visited one of the most beautiful old houses in Sorsogon, the Casa Feliz in Juban? We actually left our home without having a breakfast so when we arrived in Juban, we were hungry AF! Without any prior knowledge of the best dining spots in Juban, Sorsogon, we let our feet decide the fate of our stomach for that moment. Lucky us because we don't have to go far from Casa Feliz, we found not just one but two cafes.

Mr. Pol's Bread and Butter Cafe

restaurants in juban sorsogon

Mr. Pol's Bread and Butter Cafe is just a street cross away from Casa Feliz. We love it coz the vibe of this cozy and reminds me of a typical cafe in Manila. We were a bit hesitant to eat here because it has no outdoor seating which is very important for me to consider for my dog, Ollie. I know not all restaurant with indoor dining only would allow a pet. Though I swear to God, Ollie is the most behaved dog because we have brought him in countless outdoor restaurants in Manila. He is potty-trained too so 99 percent we are sure he won't pee or poop inside. Luck is really in me that the staff allowed Ollie.

mr pol bread and butter juban

IMPRESSION: Place is clean and well-kept. NO wifi. I work online so every now and then I check my emails. Location is great because it is just a stone's throw from the main highway that connects Irosin to Juban then eventually to Sorsogon City. It's even beside two beautiful ancestral houses in Juban but are private

restaurants in sorsogon

Emma's Shivoo Cafe

best dining options in sorsogon

After an hour of staying inside Casa Feliz which consists of endless photo and video taking, we decided to treat ourselves for a light snack. Again, without asking any local in Juban we just wandered nearby and luck is always with us that we found another one hidden. Thanks to a signage pointing us where it is. 

best restaurants in juban sorsogon

Again, I was hesitant to get inside thinking it is completely indoor but we were surprised to know that this property where this Juban cafe is located is actually a house and lot. There's a small part which is outdoor. I was so happy to see a swing and some trees and plants inside. Emma's Shivoo Cafe is my ideal dining place! It has outdoor and most of all, I give 10, 000 points for providing a nature's comfort. It has free wifi too. Not only that, I found waffles on their menu which I was craving since I arrived here in Sorsogon 9 months ago! 


We were able to chat with the owner himself who was only in her mid-twenties. I really liked this cafe that I did a second trip after a few weeks - me and Ollie too. Oh, did I tell you that they have kiddie meals too? 

best restaurants in sorsogon province

IMPRESSION: I would say it is my top favorite of all the restaurants in Sorsogon province I have visited. Moving forward, I promise myself that whenever I go to Juban I will make sure to visit this cute cafe.  

where to eat in sorsogon province

More restaurants in Juban that is worth checking

Cafe Jeronimo 

Cafe Jeronimo is owned by the same owners of Casa Feliz in Juban, Sorsogon. Anyone who wants to visit this bahay na bato house in Juban should ask permission first by going inside this cafe. We did the same. We were planning to eat here but it doesn't look like a pretty cafe for us who are always on the hunt for Instagrammable dining spots. Also, the menu only offers typical local food. Now that I am staying in the province of Sorsogon for so long, I am craving for anything Western food! I bet though the food is delicious here. We just can't eat here because it is only indoor and we are not sure if they allow Ollie to stay inside while we eat.

Padrino's Cafe 


Padrino's Cafe in Juban seems so popular. In fact, if you're gonna ask any local they would mention this cafe more than Emma's Shivoo Cafe or Cafe Jeronimo or Mr. Pol's Bread and Butter. We actually went there but surprised why it was named Padrino's Cafe. I would suggest to rename it Padrino's Restobar instead. It's more of a dining spot for those who would like to drink a beer while they eat. I love though that they have outdoor seating so next time, since our stomach are so full from eating at Emma's Shivoo Cafe and Mr. Pol's Bread and Butter, I will have dinner or lunch here.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you know any cafe, restaurant, a local dining spot with a historical background or even a simple eatery that is worth visiting around Sorsogon - let us know and we'll visit them so we can feature them here. This is my advocacy to promote my home province to the world. 

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