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FMB Resort in Sta. Magdalena Blog Review

fmb beach resort santa magdalena sorsogon

Beachfront resort in Sorsogon - this is what we agreed as a place to celebrate my sister's birthday. We have been to a lot of hot spring resorts in Irosin, our hometown so we decided to go to somewhere else but still within the province of Sorsogon. I am picky when it comes to beaches because I have been to the best beaches in the Philippines: El Nido, Coron, Boracay, Dumaguete, Cebu, Surigao, Palaui, Davao, Caramoan and more so expect that I have a high standard of what to me is a great beach for getaways.


We have been staying for a year now here in our province butwe are not really knowledgeable of where are the best beach resorts in Sorsogon. Because Sorsogon is still partly hidden and unknown province, not so much are written online so we have to rely to what others are suggesting. We didn't know FMB Resort in  the town of Santa Magdalena until we read another post from Sorsogon Adventures group page about how gorgeous this place is. 

beach resort in sta magdalena sorsogon

We attempted to read blog reviews about FMB Resort but none has been posted before this one we made. There are however several posts of photos about FMB Resort on Facebook so in good faith we gave it a go. We only decided to do a whole day visit because we were not really prepared for an overnight trip.  


First impressions of FMB Resort in Santa Magdalena

We left around 9:30ish am in Irosin our hometown then arrived at 11 am. To be honest, it was quite far compared to other beaches in Santa Magdalena we have seen in the past. Let's talk about the beach itself especially the sand right away. It was just fine. The sand was not as powdery as the one in Boracay but sure it has lighter color. There were many peebles and mosses washed in the shore that it it didn't looked dreamy at all. However, my nephews and nieces loved it. The moment we arrived until the last minute we have to leave, they were literally swimming and playing in the shore.  What made me intrigued is the fact that there's a spot in FMB Resort where you can see from the distance the tip of an island which belongs to Allen in Samar and the other one is Bulusan.


Our stay in FMB Resort in Santa Magdalena

The open air nipa cottages of FMB Resort facing the sea are wide and clean. If I am not mistaken, there's one port that can be used to charge gadgets for free. Since we arrived close to lunch, we were rushing to prepare food and eat right away. The comfort rooms are clean, faucets are working properly and grilling stations are very near the cottages.  

beachfront resort in bicol

After eating, I was hoping I will spend the rest of my stay just sitting and watching the waves hit the shore because I have no extra clothes. I can't swim. But then, I realize I have to make my trip worthwile here so I asked around and looked around. At the very end leftside, I notice lots of people are going there. I found out that there are caves and small lagoons to see in that area. I screamed because now I can sense the kind of beach adventure I am looking for! It was only 10 minutes away so we went there. Good thing because it was low tide so the water is just knee high. 


While walking, I have seen so many small creatures in the water giving me a hint that this part of Sorsogon is very pristine. I even saw water snake which scared us and even strange looking fishes like Mrs. Puff in Spongebob cartoon series. This part of FMB resort is the real gem and worth coming back for! It took us almost an hour there because there were countless photos taken against the backdrop of rock formations that could mistake someone's eyes to a faraway destination. 

beachfront resort in sorsogon

affordable beach resort in sorsogon

Hiking trip arranged by FMB Resort (Php 400 for 1-10 pax)

We returned back to our cottage quite happy with the experience and just waiting for everyone to finish so we can go home. The inquisitive and ever curious me really dominated that I chatted with the people manning FMB Resort. They mentioned they also offer a side trip which is a short hiking trail not far from FBM Resort. It costs Php 400 that is good for 10 pax. The next thing I knew is I am joining the guy from the resort, me, my sister and other group of ladies to do the hiking trip. We were only three but we were told we have to pay Php 400 because that is the minimum fee.


The hike is suitable for beginners however I am thankful I did not bring my dog Ollie with me because the trail is pretty steep especially going up. My favorite part is going through a cave of trees. It was a few minutes of bliss for me because literally the surrounding turned dark then when we approached the end we saw the bright light again.

fmb resort room rates sorsogon

We first went to the Batanes of Santa Magdalena Sorsogon according to the guide from FMB Resort. We were treated with a breathtaking view of the sun and a patch of greens. However, my eyes caught the other side so much that I pleaded the  guide to bring us there. He said this is not part of the itinerary which means the Php 400 we paid do not include coming here.  However, I insisted because this first one is literally a field of grass sitting on an elevated field.

pakol beach santa magdalena sorsogon

The spot I really want us to visit was just a 5 minute or so walk from where we came from. The name is Pakol Viewing Deck. It's a private property where one can have a glimpse of Pakol Beach. I am so glad I pushed for this sight because we spent way longer than what we expected. We love the view of the surrounding mountains! This is more worth it than the first one we went. At least there were chairs and some snacks we can buy. There's an entrance free but definitely worth it. I would suggest to FMB Beach Resort to bring their guests here instead or at least give them an option whether they want only to see a patch of greens or this one that is an established tourist spot in Santa Magdalena, Sorsogon.

We returned to FMB Resort already past 5pm. We wish to stay longer but we were not prepared for an overnight stay. We don't have extra clothes and extra food as well. We rushed to pack up so we can leave FMB Resort as soon as possible. We arrived at almost 7PM. We will certainly go back to FMB Resort but making sure we are going to stay at least one whole night. Not inside a room but inside the a tent for a star, starry, night camping in front of the beach.


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