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Best Cafe in Sorsogon City: Coffee Cat Sorsogon



Finding a cafe in Sorsogon is quite a challenge but good thing I discovered Coffee Cat Sorsogon because of Museo Sorsogon. You may click HERE to read our experience inside Sorsogon's first established museum. 

Staying in a province for a year made me miss city vibe and eating in a chill cafe. I and K love to dine out a lot back in the metro. That is why I made a promise to myself to explore Sorsogon's best restaurants where I can eat good (preferably plant-based) food. Right now, this is not the case but I am not giving up yet.

Kapeatolyo cafe sorsogon

After almost an hour of walking around Museo Sorsogon with my sister, the tour guide lead us to a cute cafe called Kapeatolyo which is Coffee Cat Sorsogon's sister branch that is just a few steps away from the back door. Food choices are limited but boy, who cares. We are tired and hungry! 

We are a fan of restaurants with outdoor seats because we always tag along our dog, Ollie. That's why we consider it as a blessing when we learned that Kapeatolyo cafe in Sorsogon city is pet-friendly. Actually, we left our dog here with my sister in law before we went inside the museum. My fully vaccinated, potty- trained and neutered dog sat on one of the chairs all throughout the time we were inside Museo Sorsogon.

I love the color theme of Kapeatolyo cafe here in Sorsogon city - brown and gold. It's a piece of heaven on earth for those who have sweet tooth, I swear. Aside from coffee and frappes, they have cakes to die for! 

Kapeatolyo Cafe Sorsogon's menu


Unfortunately, the seafood aglio olio pasta cannot be replaced with anything plant-based like mushroom so we ordered it as is. I ate the pasta but I did not touched the shrimps. However, we're thankful the staff gladly followed my request to remove the beef in the quesadillas we ordered. We love, love it and it is Ollie approved! 

sorsogon city cafe

We also ordered a cold cup of pili nut caramel and lemon juice to quench our thirst. We love the privacy and the outdoorsy vibe of Kapeatolyo cafe. If you are not a fan of dining surrounded by lots of people like inside fast-food chains, you'll definitely have the best time here. Whether you are with a friend whom you haven't done seen for a while or on a date, Kapeatolyo cafe is the best restaurant in Sorsogon city for us.

coffe cat sorsogon

coffee cat  sorsogon city

This cafe is really our favorite that we even paid another visit a month after our trip to Museo Sorsogon. This time, we ordered a slice of blueberry cake and cold cup of matcha. Pardon me, I was not able to take a photo of the names of cakes and other beverages in this cafe. I can only share to you guys the food menu. 

restaurants in sorsogon city

cafe in sorsogon city

Kapeatolyo is one of the best restaurants in Sorsogon City, I swear. If you just wanna chill out, relax and dine away at your own pace.  Moreso, if you want a cafe in Sorsogon city that resembles a fine dining kind of ambiance, I would say this is it you gotta check out. The price is affordable and definitely won't break your pocket.

Like I said, the menu of Kapeatolyo offers very limited food and beverage choices. If you're in the mood to put more in your stomach, we suggest going to the main branch of Coffee Cat Sorsogon. It's in the second floor of UCPB Bank of Sorsogon though so if you have a pet with you, I think you will dine in the indoor area. I would still suggest if you want a laidback atmosphere and you are only looking to eat mindfully, definitely the one inside Museo Sorsogon is the answer.

My only wish is that more cafes and restaurants in Sorsogon should add choices of plant-based milk especially pili milk then more vegan, vegetarian, plantbased food on their menu. 

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Author's note: Are you from Sorsogon? Do you have recommendations for me, my sister and my dog to visit in the province of Sorsogon? I am interested in visiting historical spots, restaurants, cafes, hotels, beach resorts, farms and more. Let me know!

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