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Where to go in Bulusan, Sorsogon: Woods Camp Resort Blog Review


Cold spring resort in Sorsogon. Not really a fan of it because I don't like bathing in chilly water. However, like I said I love travel in general so anything that involves getting my ass off my chair even for just few hours to unwind, I am in. One Sunday, my sister told me that she and her best friend are going to  Woods Camp resort in Bulusan, Sorsogon. Without waiting a second, I invited myself over to their trip. After all, I will also share expenses and even bring additional food so who wouldn't want to let me and my dog to join any travel?


From Irosin to Bulusan, it only takes around 30 minutes or even less if the driver is not picking up every passenger in the road. Bulusan is a quick escape to me. Irosin is landlocked while Bulusan has beaches. The way to Bulusan is also a treat. Lush trees, carabaos/chickens crossing the road and locals we pass by who are always ready to smile.


It is not hard to find Woods Camp Resort in Bulusan because it is in the same street with Balay Buhay sa Uma, a well-known tourist attraction slash bee farm in Sorsogon. If you happen to find a jeepney driver who doesn't know where Woods Camp Resort in Bulusan is, just say to drop you off at  Balay Buhay sa Uma. Then, just continue walking, turn right and you'll walk for a few minutes before reaching this newest accommodation in Sorsogon. 


From Irosin to Bulusan, it only takes around 30 minutes or even less if the driver is not picking up every passenger in the road. Bulusan is a quick escape to me. Irosin is landlocked meaning it is surrounded by mountains while Bulusan has beaches. Irosin have rivers, lakes, hot and cold springs.  Bulusan have all of those I mentioned from my hometown plus beaches. 

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First impressions of Woods Camp Resort

Woods Camp Resort in Bulusan is huge. In fact, it is the biggest resort in Sorsogon in terms of space I have seen so far. Huge towering trees greeted us from a distance, backdrop of mountains and lots of different flowers caught our eyes. We literally did not know where to go next.  


"Wood's" came from Collingwood which is the family owners' last name adding apostrophe "s" sitting on a a 5.7 hectares total but only only 1.5 hectare is  occupied.  This is according to a woman who sent me a message via my personal Facebook profile and introduced herself who belongs to the family who own this resort. Prior to this I messaged the Facebook fan page of Wood's Camp Resort saying I want to throw in some questions about this place that I can include in my blog post. The fan page of this resort is not active. I was not expecting any reply actually.


Unfortunately, after replying a few times she stopped. My last messages were seenzoned.  She said Wood's Camp Resort have 6 rooms. I am not sure though if she meant the ones in the cabins only because we saw also wooden huts with second floor for spending overnight stays. I also asked Wood's Camp Resort in Bulusan, Sorsogon room rates. She said a couple's room is Php 1200 per night then there's a room for 8 pax that is Php 2000 per night.

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For sport's lovers, Wood's Camp Resort offers volleyball and badminton area. There are 4 swimming pools inside spread out. We promise you'll never get bored swimming inside Wood's Camp Resort. For us, what we admire so much in one of the newest cold spring resorts in Bulusan is the flora and fauna. We looove the trees and different flowers that make this spot extra special to us. We are also extra grateful for allowing our dog Ollie to be with us inside. Woods Camp Resort is a pet-friendly destination in Sorsogon.


Special mention to the staff who gave us the sweetest pomelo we've ever tasted. We initially said we wanna pay but then he said it is for free. 


Wood's Camp Resort Facebook fan page:

Wood's Camp Resort address: San Roque, Bulusan 4704 Bulusan, Philippines

Wood's Camp Resort address:,124.0794163,21z


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