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Pet-friendly hotel in Albay: Casa Bicolandia Suites

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Casa Bicolandia Suites  is the first that popped up on Google when I searched for dog-friendly hotels in Albay. I have been thinking of finding a place to stay overnight in Albay because from Irosin where I stay, it costs Php 360 for roundtrip via ordinary bus and Php 500 for roundtrip via aircon bus. It also takes 7 hours of roundtrip travel from my town to reach Albay.   Albay is the nearest city from Sorsogon province that has the same vibe of the metro. Having lived for more than a decade in Manila, I kinda missed city life already. If given a chance, I would always opt to have a taste of it from time to time.  That's why I see myself traveling to Legazpi city from time to time. 

casa bicolandia suites albay

I always bring my dog, Ollie to my travels. I consider him as non-negotiable in my to-do list. Even when it comes to finding restaurants, I always make sure it has outdoor seats aside from it should have plantbased food so I can still bring him.  My first trip of 2022 to Albay was very memorable. I finally bought my dream laptop after 5 years of freelancing: MacBook Pro M1 2021. I was with my sister and my nephew and my dog. When we left our home, I told them to pack extra clothes because we may possibly stay in a hotel but not sure.   

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I actually booked our stay at Casa Bicolandia Suites the same day we are going to check in using my mobile phone. We left Irosin at 8am and arrived 11am. I booked our stay around 12nn. Check-in time was 2pm however we arrived 2 hours later because there were too many people inside Powermac Legazpi city. I was assisted very, very slow which I also understand.   It was already 5pm when we arrived. From Legazpi city, we rented a tricycle instead of jeep so we can arrive much faster though we know we'll have to pay a little bit more. 


Casa Bicolandia Suites is not hard to find. Just ask any local where is the Shell gasoline station in Daraga and the van terminals going to Sorsogon. It is just a block away.  Good thing it is not too much hassle to check in at Casa Bicolandia Suites because we were tired from all the walking we've done including our 3-hour bus ride. The only thing that surprised us is even though I entered my debit card details via the booking site where I originally found them including the security code, I still have to pay in cash and full price of our stay.  

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At first, I was shocked why do I have to do it when I already entered my complete card information. The woman said it was just a reservation so what I did was I logged in to my Unionbank app to see if there was any charge.  It only shows Php 8 which I think is a reservation amount that will released once the real amount of booking has been charged. I was also informed that if I cancelled without notice, I will still be charged via my debit card.

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Casa Bicolandia Suites has an ambiance of a home of your old-fashioned Auntie but still manages to give you a good night stay. The room given to us was clean and spacious. We had double beds. First bed is for me and my dog, ollie. Second bed is for my sister and 8-year old nephew. The room is airconditioned but we opted to use the wall electric fan because it's not too hot that time.

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There's no elevator inside Casa Bicolandia Suites. You have to take the stairs up to the third floor where the communal dining place is located. Guests of Casa Bicolandia Suites are treated with free breakfast silog varieties. They have to avail their chosen plate of silog here.  Are you are looking for a hotel that offers free breakfast in Daraga, Albay? Casa Bicolandia Suites is the answer. 

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Reasons why we love Casa Bicolandia Suites

1. Casa Bicolandia Suites is located in prime location. Well, at least for us who are from Sorsogon. It is very near the road where we wait for buses and jeeps going to and from Sorsogon.

2. Casa Bicolandia Suites offers free breakfast. However, these type of meals they serve is for Pinoys only. I am curious, what if they have foreign guests? These people may opt to eat waffles, bagels or pancakes perhaps. This is definitely only an advantage to the locals.

3. Casa Bicolandia Suites is clean and well-maintained. It's not too spacious but they're not lacking space at all. The hallways are wide enough that 3 people can walk side by side at the same time. 

4. Casa Bicolandia Suites' double room gave us a very comfortable stay all through the night. We have two double beds but the room is still wide enough. There's a window with a view outside. We can literally see who is coming in and out from the main entrance of this hotel. We only wish there's water heater in the shower.  Special mention to the foam bed. It was exactly the kind that I want.

5. Casa Bicolandia Suites has the view of Mayon Volcano from the third floor where you will eat your breakfast. We were lucky Mayon showed up because almost all the time, this gem is always covered by clouds. 

6. Casa Bicolandia Suites is for budget-conscious travelers like us. We chose this hotel because we only paid Php 1, 800+ for 2 adults (me & sister) and 8-year old nephew. Regular rate is Php 2, 100 but that time we were able to snag a discount. Take note, we booked during ordinary days. They were so generous to offer promos even though it is not holiday season.

7. Casa Bicolandia Suites has strong FREE wifi. This is very important to us who work online. Take note again, there's designated wifi EVERY FLOOR from ground floor to third floor. If you are a digital nomad or a freelancer visiting Albay, we suggest this hotel. 

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Casa Bicolandia Suites room rates

Typically, 2 adults in one room is Php 1, 500. For a solo guest, it is Php 1, 000. These rates are not so bad for us who travel with our pet and with free breakfast. To save more on food at the same we don't want to go out to eat, we used Foodpanda. We saved a lot more because we chose to order from restaurants that have promos. 

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For someone like me who have spent nights to literally dozens of hotels around the Philippines and Asia I can honestly recommend Casa Bicolandia Suites. This is an honest review from guests like us who paid for our stay. 


Author's note: If you know any pet-friendly accommodations, beach resorts that accept dogs, inns, guesthouses, hostels that accept furbabies within Bicol specially in Sorsogon and Albay - let us know. We'll be happy to check it out and review it as well. We are also looking for coworking spaces in Sorsogon and Albay. 

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