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Where to eat in Irosin: Jahmbayan Bistro


It has been a while when we noticed there’s a newly-opened restaurant in Irosin that we discovered while on the way to Irosin Lake. When I seriously became a foodie, out of nowhere I am able to discover dining spots in an instant and without prior researching. I just let my eyes wander and my feet do the walking then for some reasons I would find a new spot to eat out. To be honest, I never thought that Lamboon or Santo Domingo, a barangay of Irosin can be a a good dining venue. It is a little remote but then the part where it is situated along the way is an exception. 


After taking note of its name which is Jahmbayan Bistro, we quickly searched online any information that can help us to get to know the newest bistro in Irosin.  We learned that they open late afternoon which gave us second thoughts because we prefer to eat out during breakfast and lunch then dinner means home for us. However, we are foodies by heart and so nothing's gonna stop us!


From Irosin Lake, we took a tricycle which only is about 10 minutes or so away from Jahmbayan Bistro.

First thing we notice is the ample space inside this restaurant and even the vacant lot that surrounds it. The ambiance in Jahmbayan Bistro is literally a dining spot in a province setting which we love the most because we are city rats who lived in the metro for many decades. 

bar in irosin sorsogon

Jahmbayan Bistro's wooden tables, chairs and native decors complement the farm setting that the surrounding place is known for.  Aside from the main house, there are two smaller native huts for those who want a privacy of space.

What to order in Jahmbayan Bistro? 

Jahmbayan Bistro's menu is not very complicated. It only took a few glance for a couple of minutes on the menu to decide what do we wanna get. For me who is on plantbased diet, I was anxious if there are food I can eat here because I no longer eat pork, beef and chicken anymore. 

We choose 1 order of Lumpia that consists of 10 delicious and deep-fried cheesy sticks. Thanks God, this is vegetarian! NO meat.  Then we also chose Hawaiian Pizza with String Fries from the wooden board because it is not included on the menu. I asked if they can remove the ham and if possible replace with bell pepper or pineapple or onion. I was under the impression I was understood clearly but then it came with pieces of ham on top. I am not in the mood to argue because the pizza tasted fine even though I have to literally remove the pieces of ham before I bite it. To be honest the string fries tasted fine. I was thinking it is gonna turn out too hard and burnt definitely not!

where to eat in irosin sorsogon

Summer is really in the air that instead of usually opting for a hot cup of coffee, we ordered a pitcher of iced lemon cucumber. Guess what, it's two thumbs up. The fact that it is not made entirely of sugar, I will definitely come back here in Jahmbayan Bistro for this nutritious drink. 

restaurant in irosin sorsogon

We also took home a jar of kimchi from Jahmbayan Bistro. This is not available on the menu or board. You have to ask them personally. Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish made of salted and fermented veggies like cabbage and radish.

kimchi in irosin sorsogon

All in all, we spent only Php 470 for a group of 4. Are we coming back again? DEFINITELY YES.  I am so glad now that my town Irosin has many dining spots to choose from: Casa Luna Irosin, Koby's Irosin, Topyard Irosin, Sayong's Bar and Grill, KND Cafe and Restaurant, Pay Mimoy's, Rapid Eats of Vicky's Pili and more.

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