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House of Ruezh Cafe in Bulusan, Sorsogon

house of ruezh cafe in bulusan sorsogon

Where to eat in Bulusan, Sorsogon? As always, this is our question right after we visited Bulusan Lake briefly. We want to make the most of our presence in this coastal town before we head back to our town in Irosin. Good thing, my sister is dating a guy from Bulusan. After just a few Facebook messenger chats, he recommended two dining spots in Bulusan. One is Boracay Bistro which is in Dancalan Beach Resort and another one is The House of Ruezh cafe.


house of ruezh bulusan sorsogon

Both of us wanted to stay away in a dining spot where the food served is the typical “pulutan” and beer so we agreed to choose The House of Ruezh located in the center of Bulusan town. Honestly, we’ve had enough of eating “pancit” of all kinds and “silog” of all sorts. In short, we want to taste another cuisine so badly other than Filipino. Guess what, we were hooked the moment we laid our eyes on the menu to this restaurant in Bulusan! They offer the stuff I have been craving badly since we arrived here in Sorsogon.

cafe in bulusan sorsogon

House of Ruezh serve 8 kinds of waffles, 3 kinds of pasta, 6 kinds of sandwich, 10 kinds of espresso + frappe including coffee, matcha and chocolate. They also cater Miekoy’s Pizza in Bulusan.  If you are like me who don’t eat meat, I can definitely tell you that House of Ruezh will serve you well. We ordered Breakfast Grilled Sandwich, Vanilla Waffles and Aglio Olio. Unfortunately, they don’t have mushroom to replace the shrimps but no problem with us. For drinks, I chose warm cup of matcha and my sister picked Lemon Yakult. 

house of ruezh bulusan cafe sorsogon

The Breakfast Grilled Sandwich honestly was a mindblower to us. We know its main ingredients are cheese and egg but they put some kind of sauce in there that made it 10x extra delicious. The matcha was top-notch. The sugar is just enough. Here in our province, I notice lots of establishments make everything cheap including matcha. Like they put 90% sugar and 10% matcha. Luckily, House of Ruezh is not it! The Aglio Olio tasted just fine. The other two pasta has meat so I am not seeing myself trying it but for those  are not on plant-based diet, you can try their meaty spaghetti and chicken Alfredo.

restaurant in bulusan sorsogon

The waffles came to our table still warm and the ice cream on top is solid. One thing I really don’t like is when the waffles served to me is already cold. I experienced this in a cafe in Juban serving waffles as well. I felt like I got humiliated! To be honest, I have been to countless cafes in Manila serving waffles. All I can say is, the waffles in House of Ruezh has the same quality from the metro I have tasted.

food trip in bulusan sorsogon

In case you know anyone who is looking for waffles in Sorsogon particularly in Bulusan, I am recommending without a doubt House of Ruezh. They have butter waffles, s’mores waffles, strawberry waffles, chocolate banana waffles, vanilla maple waffles, ham & cheese waffles, sausage & egg waffles and bacon parmesan waffles. The grilled sandwiches come in different forms: pepperoni sandwich, grilled sandwich, tomato grilled sandwich, ham & cheese sandwich, tuna grilled sandwich and breakfast grilled sandwich.  

restaurant in bulusan sorsogon

I love the chic and Parisian style House of Ruezh Cafe. It kind of brings me to Paris in an instance. I love pink too. How about the prices? The most expensive in the menu costs only Php 110! The drinks (cold and hot) are below Php 100 except the wine. I am really looking forward to have a nice breakfast in Bulusan. As a matter of fact, I am already checking my schedule actually for the coming weekend to visit House of Ruezh.

house or ruezh bulusan sorsogon

house or ruezh bulusan sorsogon

Next time you go to Bulusan Lake, definitely worth visiting before you go home is a coffee shop in Bulusan called House of Ruezh. 

House of Ruezh Facebook fan page:

House of Ruezh address: V. Guysayko St., Central, Bulusan Sorsogon 

House of Ruezh contact number: +63966335594 

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