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Baybayin Hub's Digital Nomad Workation Event in La Union

digital nomad event in the philippines

I remember last year, I stumbled upon this Facebook post of a digital nomad event in the Philippines. While I am not considering to become a full-time digital nomad hoping from place to place anymore because I have recently became a furmom, I am from time to time always open to join events that take place in the real world. The pandemic really made me miss joining events that I get to know people in person that is why I made sure to participate Baybayin Hub's digital nomad event.

digital nomad in the philippines

I can totally recall as well that I almost joined Baybayin Hub's previous digital nomad event in Ilocos last year but because it happened in the middle of pandemic, it has been cancelled. I even have already underwent a phone call interview which is a pre-requisite to get accepted to this event. I think no one is denied to join after the interview but they just want to get to know you before they officially accept you. 

where to stay in la union philippines

It was July of this year when a Facebook post passed by my feed announcing that Baybayin Hub is going to do another week-long digital nomad event in La Union. The stars are really aligning perfectly because unlike before that I was in Bicol for the past few years, I am now back to Manila. It is gonna be way easier and COVID19 protocols are not too strict now.

digital nomad event in manila

The post says rate is Php 3500 for 3 people which sounds perfect because I am planning to join with my sister Juliet and friend Charlotte. Right there and then I Gcashed this amount out of pure excitement to the Gcash account mentioned on this post. It says there that this rate is gonna go higher every 3 weeks so I made sure I pay the earliest so I can avail the cheapest rate.  

beachfront resort in la union philippines

It turned out the caption of the post was erroneous which was confirmed by Orly, co-founder of Baybayin Hub himself but he was so kind to acknowledge it. He said it should be Php 3500 each for 3 people. Since it was a mistake on their end, he let us join the event paying only Php 3500 total for 3 of us. I also admit I did a mistake as well of sending the payment too early because it says on the post that we should be paying only when they give us permission to do so and that is when I guess after the phone call interview happens. I was thinking since I had a phone interview already last year, I won't be doing it anymore so I paid right away.

coworking space in la union san juan

Baybayin Hub has everything covered. They also offered accommodation options right in the event place. Of course, we prefer the one that is cheapest and most accessible so we chose the 4-bunk bed wooden dorm room which we paid for Php 7, 560 total. All Baybayin Hub members get a discount for first time booking so yes, we saved 10-20% from the actual rate of this cabana. I personally made sure that this place is pet-friendly because I am definitely carrying my shih tzu dog Ollie. The best thing about it though it is the cheapest, it is the nearest to the beach which we love the most!

baybayin hub bacnotan la union

All in all, we paid Php 11, 060 for the 3 of us. The Baybayin Hub digital nomad event outside Manila  doesn't include transportation going to La Union, dinner and lunch. Daily breakfast is covered which is buffet style of silog meals, pancakes, hot brewed coffee, white bread with fruit jams and more. Our second night which is techinically the start of the event has free dinner buffet. The last night which is like a farewell get-together stuff happened in Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel where we drank the night away with free food as well. During the whole day of exploring La Union's hidden gems, Baybayin Hub also covered the jeepney transportation and awesome food.

baybayin hub coworking space la union

How was the Baybayin Hub's digital nomad event?

The roster of speakers is a good mix of local and foreign entrepreneurs, coaches and digital nomads themselves. The event was joined by a little over 15 people which for me is intimate enough to absorb what is discussed. I am really not a fan of events with hundreds or thousands of attendees so Baybayin Hub's digital nomad event is just right for me. 

I also love the personality of each speaker because they discuss their topic in a layman's term. It is like the setting is me and friends going out for a light meal then discussing something life-changing which was true!

baybayin hub philippines

There were 4 speakers announced in the banner but there was one who did not show up. However, I honestly couldn't ask for more!  The ones who spoke in front of us are enough to fuel my passion to remote working. There is NO way that I will be going back to an 8-5 job that will require me to go to the office just to do the tasks!

digital nomad events in manila

The first speaker, Kassy Braganza is into coaching for those who are already killing it as business entrepreneurs. I highly recommend her if you are a business going to hold a workshop/seminar about entrepreneurship, this lady is the bomb! I googled further and found out she is one of the best Filipina Linkedin Marketers in the country today! She is also a furmama to 8 shih tzus! OMG, I can only take care of 1 dog!

I also love Jan Richter's talk who is into selling e-book for teaching German language. He discussed passive income so basic that it made me realize you don't have to have a Masteral degree to sell a guide teaching another language.  

There's only 1 speaker I missed from Nadya while she is discussing because I was trying to catch Ollie who wants to run away because he wants to pee! I also would like to give Baybayin Hub a huge plus for including a quick meditation session. It was not every day but I was fortunate enough to wake up in the morning then walk to the beach for a few seconds then meditate in the presence of the waves splashing in the shores. How I wish I live by the shore to do this every single day!

I am surprised to see a social entrepreneur slash modern farmer here but Raymund Aaron did made me realize that Baybayin Hub acknowledges the many faces of business owners that we can learn from each one of them.

digital nomad events in manila

I have to specially mention three gentlemen that were not listed on Baybayin Hub's list of speakers that made this event really worth it for me.  Michael Fairweather who is into computing expenses of the company in terms of gaining profit etc. I am not in this stage yet because I do not have a business but definitely bookmarking his Google sheet file about this. Daniel Beck,   renewed my faith about SEO. I have been writing like I don't care at all with keywords but I guess SEO is never dead!  

I have to also give credit to Carlo Valencia who is the moderator and host of this event. Not because he made the conversations alive when the crowd runs out of questions to ask but for driving me to the vet clinic to get Olllie. He is also a furparent who brought his two dogs along with his wife in this event. Ollie had to be brought to the vet clinic when we were in La Union because he was heavily nosebleeding then turned out positive for Dengue. I do not blame this event for the sickness of my dog though. In fact, this won't stop me from bringing my everywhere I can!

baybayin hub

Last but not the least, Fred Mosquida. He is a fellow attendee as well, but he is kicking ass in email marketing. He brings in sales to clients via emails only which is absolutely amazing!  In my job right now as a full-time Influencer Marketer, I send dozens of emails a 5 days a week so I am really contemplating on learning Email Marketing as well seriously! 

coworking space in la union philippines

To be honest, one of our top affiiliate marketers is also an email marketer so I think is also another sign to add another skill under my belt. This is what I love about joining events where I meet like-minded people who could probably change the course of my life positively.

flotsam and jetsam hostel la union

My biggest takeway in this event is there's really a big difference between someone working online with a client paying him or her by the hour and someone working online for themselves selling a product or service they made themselves who earn money even when they sleep while helping a group of people solve a specific problem. I am at the moment belong to the first one. After this event, I have never been this serious to hone what are my unique skills that I can use to create a sustainable way of earning money that doesn't need my time and presence.  

I am giving Baybayin Hub a thousand more points for being pet-friendly. Thanks for allowing me to bring my furbaby and even met another participant who brought her super furry cat too.

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