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Baybayin Hub's Digital Nomad 7-Day Cowork and Colive Event in Pagudpud, Ilocos

king fisher surfing hotel pagudpud ilocos

Are you a remote worker looking to recharge and meet people who share the same lifestyle as yours? If your answer is yes,  I would like to invite you to join Baybayin Hub's digital nomad 7-day co-working and co-living in Pagudpud, Ilocos happening last week of March. I know this invitation is a bit short but I tell you it is gonna be super worth it! I will bring my dog, two of my assistants ( sis-in law & sis) plus I am gonna meet my travel and blogger friend Charlotte there. i and Charlotte has been traveling with our blogger buddies in Camarines Norte, Palawan, Thailand and Taiwan.

Registration fee is Php 3, 5000 until March 15th. After that, it will be Php 10, 000. You have 5 days to decide for you to avail the super discounted price! For the accommodation, Baybayin Hub partnered with one of the most sought-after and luxurious beachfront resort in Ilocos, the Kingfisher Kite Surfing Hotel. 

Get 5% off your registration fee when you use the promo code: MRB-BHUB
Get 5% off your resort/hotel fee when you use the promo code: MRB-BHUB-NOMAD


Questions that will tell if you fit to this kind of event. If you fit to any of these below, you're in :)

1. Are you a remote worker, online entrepreneur, freelancer, founder, or a digital nomad?

2. Are you looking for like-minded people who have the same interest, passion and optimism, supportive and ambitious with good vibes like you?

3. Do you like to stay away from crowded cities and reconnect to nature to improve your quality of life while working by the beach and live in a 3 to 4 star resort?

4. Do you like to have meaningful connections and boost your professional, business and personal growth?

What you will get in return

1. Gain new skills and knowledge from members, delegates and guest speakers.

2. Learn from our invited thought leaders, experts, advisors and mentors.

3. Join mastermind sessions, fireside chats as we discuss relevant topics about remote working, entrepreneurship and location independent.

4. Reconnect with nature and enjoy stunning views and beaches while we work and stay.

5. Once in a lifetime experience and a lot of "valueable bombs".

6. Be expose to like-minded people that is ambitious, driven and with big dreams that can be your potential client, business partner, collaborator, mentor/advisor or simply meet a new friend.

7. Improve your mental and physical health.

 8. CoWork, CoLive and have fun at the beach!

What are the inclusions

1. Accident insurance

2. Assistance in your travel authority

3. Welcome dinner at the beach

4. Breakfast in Day 1

5. Wifi access

6. Common kitchen access at North Beach camp

7. Coworkng space access at Kingfisher resort

8. Yoga/meditation (3-day schedule)

9. Skill sharing with fireside chats

10. Mastermind sessions

11. Outdoor activities

12. Closing cocktail - barbeque and bonfire 

Accommodation options 

3 star hotel in pagudpud ilocos

kingfisher kite surfing hotel pagudpud ilocos

kingfisher kitesurfing hotel in pagudpud ilocos
kingfisher kitesurfing hotel in pagudpud ilocos
Ilocos occupies a space in my heart because this is the very first province I visited outside Manila and Bicol. I can't wait to be back to learn more and meet more like-minded people.  Click HERE to read the official feature of Baybayin Hub's Nomad Escape event. Please note that they have a simple screening to those who want to join. Hope to see you guys there.

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