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How to manifest?

 how to manifest

How to manifest? This was the question that lingered in my mind ever since I challenged myself to change a part of whatever reality I am in now and to slowly/hopefully reach a certain goal in my life. I want to know if I can manifest every single thing I want like house and lot,  car because now I need it, bank account with a steady amount of money coming in, long life and good health and a relationship that thrives under all circumstances. In short, an abundant life that many of us including me can only dream of.  

January 2020, I started working with this client who pays me well.  I would always play in my mind that this client will give me extra money by December which in turn made me more productive because of course my mind is "waiting" for that extra $$$. I will do this whenever I am done chatting with the client then I let go of that thought. That whether it happens or not, I'm still thankful for working with the nicest client and getting paid decently during the pandemic.  I would vividly imagine how does it feel like to receive free money that is worth a month of work. To be honest, this is not the only client I have. I did not wish every single client I work with will do this to me - only this one.

Lo and behold, in first week of December of 2020 I was surprised to get a notification that I was given a 13th month pay. It was nowhere in the contract stated that I will get this by end of the year. I have no idea prior that this client has a number of Filipinos working for him that's why he knows about this extra pay every end of the year. 

Whether this is purely coincidence or a manifestation that turned to  reality I do not know.  What I can prove is our mind is powerful to create something according to the vibration we are in.

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