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Celebrating the day I was born today. The question is have I figured out what to do with my life now? The answer is not yet but I kinda know how to spend my life a little bit better than before. I learned to take care of myself as much as I take care of others. I learned to set boundaries and walk away from situations I don't feel like I belong. I believed in myself a lot of times even when there's no else feels the same. I accepted the fact that I can never please everyone so might as well live my life the way I want it.
I am already grateful for what I have and I don't have. So now, I slowly practice to be mindful of even the smallest things that give me reason to live. I used to be happy only when I receive compliments from other people or did a great job at work. I changed the definition of happiness that it is in everything beautiful to my standards that I see, feel, hear or dream of.
I have never been this so inspired to dream of an abundant life and to strive to be better each day. Looking back and comparing to the 18-year old me, it's like comparing a seedling to a tree. I stopped chasing success according to the standards of our society. I just do my thing with compassion.
I have embraced the fact I'm still this girl who is forgetful and messy but at the same time I know I am enough. I am worthy. I am complete.

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