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Journaling and Vision Board - What the heck are these?



To be honest, none of my past " New Year resolutions" ever happened. When 2021 started, I tried to explore deeper particularly through the Science of Mind in hopes of possibly explain to me how can I do it right. See below what I learned from  Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist who is one of the few people on Earth able to explain spirituality and science in the easiest way possible. At least in my own opinion.

You cannot create your dream life if you're still the same person from yesterday. You literally have to become someone else. If you want more wealth or you want new romance or you want better health or that dream house, you should have some kind of constant reminder for you to attract these things.

If we keep on thinking the same thoughts, that make us demonstrate same behaviors, keep living by same emotions - our personal reality is gonna stay exactly the same.

If we start embracing new thoughts that would lead to new choices that would demonstrate new actions - that would create new experiences. By doing so, you'll begin to walk in a new future. 

There are many more ways to make your new year resolutions effective than just do a one-time list on a piece of paper that you'll eventually forget: journaling and vision board.

 Why keep a journal?

Journaling does more than just help you record your memories or find self-expression. It’s good for your health. Repetitive writing of your goals help your brain to remember  more. The more the brain is reminded, the more your body works on attaining your goals without trying so hard.

 Why create a vision board?

It's a graphical representation of what you exactly want. The idea here is you just don't think of what you want. You communicate to your subconscious mind what you truly desire. The more you look at it when you wake up in the morning or before you sleep at night, the more your body is conditioned to work harder for that goal. If it's promotion at work, you may not notice but you become more productive and of course your stats become better and your boss will eventually do what you wished for. You can use Canva or Pinterest if you don't like cutting images then posting those on a board.

So far, I just started keeping a planner which is to help me keep on track of my day to day plans coz I have foggy mind. I tend to think a lot or do a lot of things in one instance then eventually forget most of them haha.

The journal I have ordered has not arrived yet but definitely will try to start writing (how often will it be  is another topic coz I have work) next my penmanship is getting worse each day haha. For the vision board, I haven't collected enough used magazines that's why I haven't started. I am an old soul so I prefer the traditional way than going digital.

Whether I am able to give enough time to do these or only from the start is another concern coz I'm a busy bee hahaha.

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