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Living my life in own pace and not what the society tells me to do


"Rona, instead of caring for that dog like your own baby why don't you settle down and have your own child?"

The number of people asking me this question is increasing day by day. Kalurks. Anyways, here's my answer. Getting married or  having a kid are  milestones in life but as everyone knows not always an  achievement. Please don't think that people like me who are still unmarried and child-free by destiny or choice are failure just because we are not in the path of the majority of the population of our age range. 

Trust me, I also fear of getting old alone and no kid who will look after me when I can't do it for myself.  However, I want to live my life in my own pace and not what the society expects me to be. I am enough even I'm not a mom or a wife yet. When time comes that I will have  husband or a child, I'm already enough. 

How many parents I personally know who live their lives as if their only purpose in this world is to raise their children? How many single people I know who  struggle so hard to keep chasing "the One" and always in the "state of lack" because they think they are not complete?

If you're waking up in the morning and always have many reasons to keep living, that's fine. If you're helping people how to live their lives better, that's great. If you're living your life according to how you want it and not how others want it for you, that's exactly how you  should be.

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