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A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Ring for Your Spouse

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You have gone on several dates with your crush, and all signs point you in the right direction – engagement. After all, your lady fits the profile of one willing to spend the rest of her life with you. But now, the problem lies in shopping for the ideal engagement ring. Your goal is to get the right value for your money. If this is the case, then you are in the right place, as this guide contains everything you need to know about engagement rings.

The world of diamonds can be overwhelming, even for a regular shopper, as there are several options to select. That’s not all; you also have to understand the terminology used in this industry. And when you thought that you would have known it all, individual preference comes into play. So, what do you do?

One Gemstone, Several Factors to Consider

Whether you are purchasing a diamond for an engagement or wedding, or as a gift, understand that it is no child’s play. You want to get the best deal for an affordable price. But shopping personally can drive you nuts if you do not know what to look out for at a jewel store. And even after reading this guide, you may still have to discuss with a reputable jeweller.

But here is something you should know. The quality and cost of a gemstone fall on your shoulders. You are the one to determine that, with reference to your budget size. On the other hand, the recipient’s shape is a priority. Some people may prefer Round-Cut diamonds, while others may go for a Fancy-Cut or Fair-Cut option.

Narrowing Down Your Options

Diamonds come in different colours, cuts, carat weights, and clarity. These are the 4Cs. Ideally, your gemstone should meet each class, but that does not necessarily mean that it has more appeal than others. The secret is finding one that appeals to the wearer, her outfits, and events. Above all, the diamond engagement ring should give substantial fire and radiance – one that has heads turning anywhere she goes. Even if the ring will be a bit above your initial budget there are plenty of engagement ring financing options from trusted dealers to help you out with the finance aspect. If you don’t know what to go for, classic cuts provide an all-round option. They can take on any setting and remain in vogue.

Diamond Cuts and Carat Weights

You cannot overlook carat weights in the world of diamonds. They determine the appearance, quality, and price of any gemstone. So, if you want to get a diamond ring, go for one that is conspicuous, but not outrageous. The last thing you want is an engagement ring that looks off on your girlfriend’s finger. Diamonds within the carat weights of 0.95 to 1.08 are ideal.

And while we are talking about cuts, there are various types including Oval Cut, Radiant Cut, Pear-Shaped Cut, Marquise Cut, Princess Cut, Cushion Cut, Round Brilliant Cut, and Emerald Cut. When selecting your diamond cut, its measurement should match your specified length or width ratio or fall within 10%. That implies that if your length to width ratio is 1.50, go for a gemstone within 1.35 and 1.65. By doing so, you will purchase a diamond ring that complements the dimensions of your spouse’s finger.

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