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Kapehan Sa Bulod in Bulan, Sorsogon


Where to stay in Bulan, Sorsogon

Someone from my Facebook friends shared a another tourist attraction in the province of Sorsogon recently.  After few hours of googling here and there,  this tourist spot in Bulan called Kapehan sa Bulod is only an hour away from our town in Irosin so I figured out I can get here quick anytime I want. Kapehan sa Bulod in Sorsogon dialect means a place to drink coffee in the mountain. I did not waste time and asked my brother who has a motorcycle to bring me and my dog, Ollie. We left at around 2pm and arrived in Kapehan sa Bulod by 3pm. I suggest you bring your own vehicle and preferably smaller type because the road (after you turned left from the national road) going there is narrow. I am not sure if commuting is the best option specially public jeeps are not allowed in the streets yet because of pandemic. Other option is hire a local tricycle in the area. Actually, we're not really familiar with Kapehan sa Bulod in Barangay Butag of Bulan but we are so lucky that all the locals we have asked while on the way know this place. It seems this is very famous among locals. Anyone who would like to go there wouldn't have a problem finding it. 

kapehan sa bulod bulan

I was super hungry because I did not ate much during lunch, I was expecting some heavy meal (praying as well if they have plant-based food but I know this is impossible in a remote town outside Manila) that I can order  - unfortunately they only offer snacks. In fact, they only have camote que (fried sweet potato slices covered in sugar) during our visit so no choice so I ordered 1 for me and 1 for my brother. I also ordered Barako with cream and boiled egg. I rarely consume egg and this is the instance that I have to because my stomach is so empty that I will eat anything to survive. My brother ordered 1 cup noodles. I have to admit I was so enticed with the smell and my stomach is rumbling. Our first 30 minutes in Kapehan sa Bulod in Bulan actually was spent eating. We hurriedly ate everything because it's already 3 pm. We want to do so much and take photos a lot as well.

kapehan sa bulod in butag bulan

After eating, we decided to look around and walk around. Kapehan sa Bulod is fully booked when we arrived because I saw a big group representing a religious organization booked for overnight stay. Honestly, Kapehan sa Bulod is so ordinary and laid-back. Don't come here if you're looking for something that makes you amazed or fall down your knees kind of moment. Come here if you just want a laid-back experience. No high expectations and no dramas. I was able to chat with the lady prepping the drinks and food whom I learned that she is one of the owners. She said Kapehan sa Bulod is very new. It was built September of 2019. She said the reason behind this is she and together with her family who haven't returned to their work yet because of pandemic wanted another source of income. Kapehan sa Bulod in Sorsogon is still a work in progress. Don't come here if you're looking for a five-star kind of facility or state-of-the-art technology. 


On the way to Kapehan sa Bulod is already a great experience to me because I enjoy seeing rice fields and local houses. I have been living in the city for so long that's why I am crazy about the province vibe. It is a joy to me to see a native house rather than see a bungalow in a remote area. Though its name means a coffee spot in the mountain, you don't have to hike upwards because it is situated in the lowland. TIP: Keep your eyes wide open to see the 3 bridges you'll pass by, a giant tree in Butag elementary school, the cemented sign of I LOVE BUTAG and if you have more time you can drop by to a nearby beach. 

what to see in bulan sorsogon kapehan sa bulod

If you're a coffee critic and connoisseur lover as well, please be reminded that the kind of coffee that Kapehan sa Bulod serves are the most affordable ones. I hope soon Kapehan sa Bulod would offer  they offer is not the high quality coffee but the joy of sipping coffee while watching the lush mountains nearby. 

kapehan sa bulod in bulan sorsogon

Kapehan sa Bulod also offers overnight stay via a camping tent only. There are no rooms for rent although there's a big one and two more smaller nipa huts but I was told these are not for rent. The owners and workers of Kapehan sa Bulod sleep here. I think it is better if they provide nipa huts for rent as well to their guests in the near future for more convenience. 


Because of time constraints, we were really never able to get to know Kape sa Bulod that much other than tell you what we saw that time that's why we plan to spend a night here sometime soon. Kapehan sa Bulod offers one of the best sunset and sunrise places in Bulan and I think in Sorsogon because of its perfect location. The view of mini-rolling hills remind me of my trip in Palawan and Siargao is.  From a distance, you'll also see a beach too. I was surprised since it is a nature-themed man-made attraction for not seeing lots of flowers. I suggest Kapehan sa Bulod in Bulan considers planting more local flowers, native plants and more artworks from local artists. Since they offer overnight accommodation, I also suggest to offer heavy meals  for local and international cuisine. 

More photos of Kapehan Sa Bulod below:

kapehan sa bulod sorsogon

kapehan sa bulod butag

kapehan sa bulod butag



where to stay in bulan sorsogon

what to do in bulan sorsogon

Kapehan Sa Bulod Facebook fan page: 
Kapehan Sa Bulod contact number: 0908 625 7679
Kapehan Sa Bulod opening hours: Open every day 7am - 5pm except for those who are booked for overnight

To my fellow Sorsoganons, I would love to visit as many as tourist spots in our province and make a feature of it via my blog while I am here. If you want to suggest an ancestral house, a hidden beach, a farm or resort or garden - let me know so I can visit the place. If you just want a travel buddy with a dog, let me know I am always just a message away :)

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