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How to score FREE birthday venue for your Dog in SM Supermalls around the Philippines?

sm super pets club review

Where to celebrate your dog's birthday party? You are in the right place because I will tell you now that there's a FREE birthday venue for dogs in SM's pet parks nationwide! Yes, you read it right. I haven't thrown any birthday party to Ollie, my 4-year old shih tzu. It has been a great idea lingering in my mind for the past few months before his birthday. I did not really force this idea into reality because I have proven how many times in my life that the more I want something so bad, the more it does not happen!

super pets club of sm malls

So a week before my dog's birthday, I was thinking of random ways to make his most special day worthy. Then I realized a few months ago, I signed up to SM's Super Pets club. I knew it came with perks like discounts and freebies like any typical community of furbabies and furparents from different brands but then something is telling me I should check it further. Boom! SM Super Pets Club is offering FREE one hour usage in any of its pet park around the Philippines! 


sm super pets club blog review

And so, without batting my eyelashes, I quickly messaged my family and friends from different group chats that I am inviting them for Ollie's birthday! One of the most challenging part of organizing a dog's birthday party is definitely finding a venue. Not all birthday venues are great for dog birthday pawtys!

Things happened so fast that the next thing I knew is it is already Ollie's big day. I managed to hire someone to make a nice birthday banner via a 4/6 foot tarpaulin done by Obet who is one of my sisters' good friends. My sister-in-law also made an edible dog birthday cake.


sm super pets blog birthday party for dogs

The birthday party of my dog also coincided with SM's Pawchella event so this explains the chosen theme for Ollie. Furbabies and furparents were advised beforehand that there is a costume contest for those who will dress according to the theme.

City Veterinary Office of Sorsogon also offered FREE anti-rabies vaccine, basic grooming and deworming tabs for common issues that day.  I will cherish this birthday party of my dog Ollie always.  A total of 64 dog lovers in Sorsogon showed up tagging along their super cute furbabies.  I am guessing there was a total of 100+ people who showed up and joined the fun of my dog's birthday party in SM City Sorsogon's pet park. 

city veterinary office of sorsogon

For those who are curious of what happens in a dog's birthday party, it is just the same as any kid or adult's birthday party except that we swapped some stuff that would suit to a dog. They even sang "Happy Birthday" to my dog Ollie but of course, I am the one who blew the candle! Ollie doesn't know what was going on.

sm super pets club

For the dog treats, I bought all my prizes at Ace Hardware inside SM City Sorsogon. Ace Hardware is officially the partner of SM Supermalls around the country for pet products and accessories. They have really good quality dog treats that I learned that one of their top-selling categories is pet products and accessories!


super pets club of SM MALL

I have to be honest though, as a first-time organizer of dog birthday party that I did learned quite a few things that I will make sure to incorporate for Ollie's birthday pawty the next time around! I am looking forward to prepare personalized gifts to bring home for the furbabies who gave their precious time to us and also food for the hoomans as well.

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