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SM Introduces Super Pets Club Giving Away Perks To Its Loyal Pet-lover Customers

sm super pets club regsitration

I am a certified dog lover to the moon and back. I mean it with all my heart. In fact, one of the first things I did when I arrived here in Sorsogon a few years after staying in Manila is find a community of pet lovers whom I can hang out with and hopefully ask questions whenever I need some answers especially when my dog Ollie is sick because I am a first time furmama!


Unfortunately I did not found one aside from few Facebook groups like Sorsogon Dog Lovers, Sorsogon Pet Lovers and Sorsogon Dog and Pet Lovers.  However, these are myriad of people ranging from dog rescuers to dog owners to even commercial dog breeders! As you notice, the intentions are coming from different directions. I even met online a lady who rescued ten aspins on her own but had to stop because her mom told her to so. Like her, I was looking for a group that could get to know fellow dog lovers in Bicol.



Anyways, a good number of people going to SM malls bring their furbabies with them. That is why it is not a surprise that SM Malls being pet-friendly, just launched Super Pets Club providing rewards and discounts to its loyal pet-lover customers.  

What you need to know about SM Mall's Super Pets Club

  • FREE to join
  • FREE Entrance of 1 hour every day to any pet park of SM nationwide
  • Exclusive usage of 1 hour for your furbaby's birthday to be booked in advance
  • One owner can create up to 5 pet ID's and even register a co-owner 
  • The ID stores record of the pet's important information including vaccine records
  • Welcome gifts, e-vouchers and exclusive discounts to partner brands like Ace Hardware where you can buy some of your pet's essentials
  • Most of all, a community where you get to meet fellow pet lovers in your area during events that you and your pet can join

How to join your pet to SM Mall's Super Pets Club

Just register your pet using the QR codes at any SM Paw Park or any SM counters then type your pet’s details including their vaccination status. In a few seconds, you can download your Pet ID and claim your welcome gift.

dog friendly mall in sorsogon

SM City Sorsogon Opens Its Indoor Pet Park

One thing I miss back in Manila is going to SM Aura's pet park so Ollie can play with other dogs. Our non-negotiable task every weekend back in Manila is to dine out then drop by to a pet park that would allow Ollie to run around and socialize with other dogs before heading home.  Now that we have been staying way longer than planned here in Sorsogon, I can really tell how much Ollie missed pet parks. 


My gut says it is going to take forever for a pet park to show up in Sorsogon. However, I was completely wrong when I learned there's actually a pet park in Sorsogon that has opened inside SM City Sorsogon


Ollie was one of the first dogs that was able to play inside the newly opened pet park in Sorsogon. He had a great time chasing dogs and smelling their butts, hahaha!  If I am not mistaken, there are 3 kinds of obstacles that dogs can play inside this pet park in Sorsogon that could be used to train or teach them tricks.

Ollie has been sedentary for the past few months because we are living in a building and most of the time he is not allowed to go down for so long after he poops or pees because we are living along the highway road. I don't want any untoward accident to happen. Playing in a pet park is obviously a way for a dog to get some much needed exercise!

For more information, you may visit and follow them on social media for latest activities you and your furbaby can join.

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