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Facial Plus Legazpi Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary Last January 28th, 2023

facial plus legazpi albay

Looking for a facial clinic in Legazpi city? Check this out. I recently went to Albay to join Facial Plus Legazpi's 5th year anniversary. I and my sister had a great memorable experience from our visit to its sister branch, Facial Plus Sorsogon so we said yes to the invite even though we have to brave a round-trip of 6-hour bus travel all while it is raining heavily. We even booked an overnight stay to a pet-friendly accomodation in Albay that is just walking distance to my favorite Indian restaurant serving vegetarian food in Albay.

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Located in the 3rd floor of Ayala Malls Legazpi, Facial Plus Legazpi is not hard to find at all because this mall is significantly smaller compared to other malls. You'll never going to stress yourself out to lots of walking plus there is a signboard that bears the name of this skin clinic in Albay right when you take your first step to the topmost floor of Ayala Malls Legazpi.

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As always, I was immediately welcomed with a genuine smile by Miss Mhyra who is currently in Bicol overseeing the franchise branches of Facial Plus branches. I met her during the media launching of Facial Plus Sorsogon and learned that she has been working with the company that owns Facial Plus branches in the country including Bioessence for the past 20 years. For anyone who has been in any company this long, it is safe to say that she is really someone with great expertise  in this field of service. 

facial plus spa in albay

I honestly told her that I am a noob in anything about skincare. In fact, I just started my skincare routine only recently when I notice that my wrinkles have been very noticeable in my photos and videos. Even if I don't tell her for sure she is going to notice because she is after all in this kind of industry for so long. Going to facial clinics were never a priority to me but that changed quite a bit because last year I decided to get rid of my 3 moles and warts on my face.

acne facial clinic in legazpi albay

The Facial Plus Legazpi branch is simpler in terms of its looks and smaller in space compared to Facial Plus Sorsogon branch. However, for people who wanted a much quieter abode and not used to dealing with a bigger crowd, I would say this is the perfect spot for those who are looking for derma clinics in Daraga, Albay and Legazpi city. 

For those who are wondering why I was wearing pink gloves, I tried their FREE hand paraffin given to any customer that day because of the anniversary celebration Hand paraffin is a treatment for tired and sweaty hands. By submerging the hands to a lukewarm wax (not sure what kind of wax it is but it pretty look like the one from making candle) for a few minutes until it literally hardens, the hands are reconditioned and gain vigor back.

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I had the privilege to try one of Facial Spa Legazpi's premier facial treatment called Oxygen Intensive Therapy Facial. This type is designed to fight early sign of aging skin using ingredients infused with 99% pure oxygen, essential nutrients and anti-oxidants. Miss Mhyra really knows what my face exactly needs! Costing Php 2, 500, this type of facial treatment only uses premium Korean skincare called Oxygen. Take note, they are the only chain of spa here in the country that has the license to use this commercially.  The whole set of products which consists of cleanser, toning gel, serum, antioxidant cream et cetera cost more than Php 10, 000+! 

best derma clinic in legazpi albay

Getting the facial treatment at Facial Plus Legazpi is the more affordable option plus of course the priceless skills of the ladies who will do it on your face is for sure way, better than doing it yourself. The one who did this treatment to me is Miss Ann. She is so nice. I like her vibe because it matches my frequency which is calm. I love that though I "bombarded" her with questions, she never showed any signs of being impatient. I do not have any reason to not like her. I am definitely recommending her to anyone who are looking for a very relaxing facial treatment in Albay.

facial spa clinics in albay

This facial treatment lasted 1-2 hours. I was never rushed and for every step of the way, everything was done smoothly. I love the whole process was done creatively and with personal touch. The facial treatment started with a quick relaxation massage with the incorporation of inhaling the very aromatic citrus flavored balm from Facial Spa itself. My sister has one at home that she bought when we went to Facial Plus Sorsogon. 

Now that my mood transformed to fully relaxed, I just let Miss Ann do her thing all while asking her questions. First is applying the Cleansing Oxygen Pore Mask cleanser of course for cleansing my face. Second is the Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel for exfoliating the dead skin on my face. Third is Toner Oxygen toning gel for skin toning. The purpose is to maintain the right moisture of our skin aka Ph level and for tightening pores. Fourth is steaming my face for 10 minutes so that the extraction of any black heads or white heads on my face is easier.

Fifth is another round of exfoliation using Exfoliant Oxygen Formula. Instead of diamond tip that is done for Diamond peel which they also offer this time an ultrasonic exfoliator or skin bella is used. Unexpectedly, she gave me a very light back massage. According to her this is done not to just please me but since i have been lying down for 10 minutes, this is done to make sure that my blood circuation is working properly.

Not only she was able to remove white heads but also educated me about milia which is like white heads without pores. She even showed it right after it was plucked out of my face! I really love the fact that I was not just getting a facial massage but I was also learning something new. In fact, I am seeing myself to also investing in facial treatments moving forward!

Sixth is applying paste mask for 15 minutes and a quick decoleetage massage for chest and back. Seventh is removing of the mask then another round of infusion for tissue repair using skin bella with Exfoliant Oxygen Formula.

Last is the application of Skin Barrier Fluid serum and Antioxidant cream with Botox-like effect Leport's Sunblock 50++++ (take note of the 4 plus'). This kind of sunblock is the one that athletes use who are exposed in the sun more than usual and are prone to sweating. This sunblock is so damn good because application needed is only once. 

The best thing about this is I instantly gained the glass skin effect like the pretty Korean ladies we see online! How I wish I can maintain this every day, haha! For the rates of these services and any updates, I suggest checking their Facebook fan page. 

where to get facial treatments in legazpi albay

See below the rest of premium line facial treatments they offer:

  • LED Light Therapy Facial. It is an anti-aging treatment to boost collagen production to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and to deply rejuvenate the skin Leaving a noticeable glow
  • Carbon Laser Facial. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles, acnes, scars and post acne discoloration of skin, collagen and elastin stimulation.

For those who are on a budget, the most affordable facial treatment they have costs Php 700 which is very ideal for students. See the rest below:

  • Refreshing Mint Facial. Refreshing facial treatment that hydrates the skin and removes stress
  • Acne Derm Facial. Derma line facial for the treatment of oily skin and active pimples 
  • Rejuvenating Facial. Uses powerful combination of natural ingredients to repair, nourish and protect skin
  • Hydrating Facial. Brings back the moisture balance of the skin
  • Skin Lightening Facial. Recommended for dark and combination skin types. Helps purify and regenerate skin cells.
  • Diamond peel facial complete. A painless exfoliaton of oid and dead skin cells using diamond crystals 


Facial Plus Legazpi address: 3rd floor, Ayala Malls Legazpi

Facial Plus Legazpi contact #s: 0945.103.7985 and 052.201.0516  

Facial Plus Legazpi hours of operation: Sunday to Friday 10am-6pm

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