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Get to know the newest beauty clinic in SORSOGON CITY: Facial PLUS Sorsogon

facial plus sorsogon blog review

Looking for a spa in Sorsogon for your facial treatments? This is for you. A sudden invite brought me and my sister to the newest spa clinic in Sorsogon city.  It is non-stop raining for the past two weeks but we were not bothered at all to take a 40-minute ride to go to SM City Sorsogon. I have just recently started getting serious about my skincare routine like literally a year ago! Now that I am in my late 30’s, it is really a must to start getting conscious of how I look and especially now that our fan page is getting known, we have been joining public events. This means we do need to look presentable and of course looking good.

We missed the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Facial PLUS Sorsogon when we arrived. This was very rare to happen because we are always at least 1-2 hours ahead preparing for any events we join. However that day, our destiny is a little different. Anyways, when we arrived I hurriedly met Miss April from SM City Sorsogon then looked around to know what is going on. The lovely ladies who are frontlines of this beauty clinic in SORSOGON CITY have prepared an intermission number. I think they are more or less ten in total.

facial plus sorsogon blog review

The next thing I know is it is time to eat which means the program has ended already. I feel like, OMG I am just warming up! The game is just about to start in me. Good thing, I was able to talk with Miss Mhyra in a much more relaxed setting. She is from Manila who is here in SM City Sorsogon to oversee the operations of this newly-opened facial center in Sorsogon City.  I learned from her that this is a baby brand from the bigger BIOESSENCE which was founded 22 years ago from a lady in Mindanao. 

BIOESSENCE is a premier pampering brand that offers a wide range of skin and body services that comes in premier price as well while Facial Plus is the budget-friendly version that offers the most practical skin pampering treatments.

beauty clinic in sorsogon city

Present in this grand opening of Facial Plus Sorsogon is Bioessence’s founder, a renowned dermatologist and skin care specialist, Dr. Emma Beleno. I really would love to introduce myself to her then maybe do a super quick interview to get to know her but the event was more of an informal kind of setup so maybe next time.

derma clinic in sorsogon

We were given two cute ceramic cups with lid, a tiny soap bar and a gift certificate so we can try their services. We did not wasted so much time that the next day we went back to redeem it. The first one they gave us is the Shiatsu massage. This is not the first time that I had Shiatsu massage so I know what is a good experience and the other way around. With Facial PLUS Sorsogon, there’s a twist which I ended up loving. The lady  added a warm compress which is a bag full of warm water put either at the top of the back or down below. They usually ask which of your back usually feels uncomfortable or pain. Also, I personally love how they incorporated the application of citrus juice balm. She put her two hands facing down just above nose and she instructed me to inhale deeply and exhale deeply at the count of 3 at my own pace. How creative! She can just give me the small tub of this citrus balm and I put it near my nose using my right hand. That is it.

skin clinic in sorsogon city


One thing that I love from the lady who did the Swedish massage is she is very professional. She did not bothered to ask or slightly bringing it up why I am so thin. My previous spa experiences were a little less memorable because of nosy attendants. She is an exception and she is also a dog lover that is why I am so comfortable with her. From time to time, she checks if the weight of her hand is too heavy or too light for me to handle despite the fact that we were chitchatting from the whole duration. She was able to keep up with my chatty attitude and in between doing her job the right way. I am giving her 10 out of 10 points for this.

derma clinic in sorsogon

The next one we did is the diamond peel. This is not the first time I had Diamond Peel but it has been a long time since the last one. However, this time I really appreciated the Diamond Peel treatment to me because as we go along, the lady tells me what is gonna be done next. I just really don’t like personally someone is doing something to me and doesn’t tell me what the heck it is. The process starts with a super quick face massage doing exactly the same thing for me to inhale the citrus balm followed by a cleansing milk soap. A device was turned on to release steam to my face to open my pores then the extraction of white and black heads came next.

where to get facial treatment in sorsogon city

The lady showed me how many white heads she was able to remove from me which was quite a lot. She then applied toner I was so impressed that I agreed to the add-on as final touch which is additional Php 350. I opted for a finishing collagen mask than the default one because of course I have fine lines already. The finishing touch is a moisturizer that smells so good that even lasted until I arrived home.

spa center in sorsogon city

Overall, I have a very very pleasant experience in Facial PLUS Sorsogon. I wish to stay a little longer to take more pictures because the place itself is very Instagrammable but I have to run to the vet shop to “redeem” Ollie my dog. It is strictly not allowed to bring a dog inside Facial Plus Sorsogon. I paid Php 150 to a vet clinic nearby for Ollie to to stay there for a few hours. I am surely recommending Facial PLUS Sorsogon to friends and family who are looking for a very affordable facial massage in Sorsogon City.

Facial Plus Sorsogon offers the following services:

Acne derm facial, Refreshing facial, Hydrating facial, Rejuvenating facial, Skin lightening facial, Diamond peel, LED light therapy facial, RF lifting facial, Oxygen intensive facial, Swedish massage, Body scrub and Warts removal  

Facial PLUS Sorsogon Facebook page:

Facial PLUS Sorsogon address: Unit 244 2nd Level SM City Sorsogon Maharlika Highway, Balogo, Sorsogon City

Facial PLUS Sorsogon contact number: 09605252273

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