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Where to eat in Baguio City

oh my gulay baguio city

Looking for a pet-friendly restaurant in Baguio? Check this out.

If you are looking for a unique dining experience in Baguio City, look no further than Oh My Gulay, a vegan restaurant in Baguio located on the fifth floor of the La Azotea Building. Oh My Gulay is not just a place to eat, but also a cultural hub for the city's creative community, with regular events such as art exhibits, poetry readings, and live music performances. 

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The name of the restaurant, "Oh My Gulay," is a creative mashup of the Filipino proclamation "Oh My Goodness" and the Tagalog word for vegetables, "gulay," and it expresses the establishment's dedication to vegetarianism and healthy eating. The restaurant's interior is also distinctive, with a humorous and artistic layout that makes use of repurposed materials, vivid murals, and organic components like plants and stones. With several seating places and nooks that provide a range of dining experiences, the area is intended to promote creativity and relaxation.

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Guests have a variety of seating options, including community tables, floor cushions, and even a treehouse-themed dining area. Oh My Gulay's menu offers a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes that are prepared using natural, regional ingredients. The tofu sisig, mushroom sisig, and veggie lasagna are some of the most well-liked dishes. A selection of fresh fruit and vegetable-based smoothies and juices are also available at the restaurant. Oh My Gulay serves wonderful, nutritious food that is extremely inexpensive, with most entrees costing under Php 200.

where to eat in baguio city

Vegans, vegetarians, and anyone else looking to try something novel and healthy should visit Oh My Gulay. The restaurant's dedication to using local, fresh ingredients ensures that the dish is consistently of the highest caliber and bursting with flavor. There is something on the menu to suit every taste, from inventive fusion food to traditional Filipino favorites. Those with dietary requirements can also choose from a variety of low-carb and gluten-free alternatives at the restaurant.

where to eat in baguio city

Oh My Gulay is a well-liked hangout for the city's artistic community in addition to its delectable cuisine and distinctive atmosphere. The restaurant regularly sponsors activities that draw artists, authors, musicians, and other creative people, such as art exhibits, poetry readings, and live music performances. The gatherings are a fantastic approach to connect with like-minded individuals and have a fun and motivating evening.

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Oh My Gulay is owned by Kidlat Tahimik, a famous National Artist so no wonder you are dining in a place that showcases creativity. Oh My Gulay for me is one of the best restaurants in Baguio serving nutritious food that is cruelty-free. 

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Did you know that Oh My Gulay is Baguio's oldest vegan and vegetarian restaurant advocating more consumption of (local) veggies and fruits? We wish Oh My Gulay more decades to last and more people to inspire to eat more plantbased diet. In my own opionion, Oh My Gulay is  in my list of best restaurants in Baguio city for family specially those who are tourists wanting to get a vibe of what is dining in Baguio feels like without a dead animal on their plate.


Thus, to sum up, Oh My Gulay is a must-visit location if you're seeking for a fantastic vegan restaurant in Baguio City. With wonderful food, reasonable rates, and a lively, creative ambiance, the restaurant offers a special eating experience that is both healthful and stimulating. Oh My Gulay is the ideal restaurant in Baguio for everyone who enjoys delicious food and good company, whether they are vegans, vegetarians, or just appreciate wonderful food.

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Oh My Gulay address: 5th Floor La Azotea Building, 108 Session Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet


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