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Restaurants that serve Vegan, vegetarian and plantbased food in La Union

vegan restaurants in la union philippines

If you're looking for vegan-friendly restaurants in La Union, there are plenty of options to choose from. I spent a week in La Union many months ago. I was only able to ate at a few vegan restaurants in La Union though because our event catered plantbased food so no need for me to dine out. 

Where to eat vegetarian, plantbased and vegan food in La Union

1. La Gringa - Do you want to try vegan and vegetarian tacos then paired with a bowl of warm black bean soup? La Gringa offers basic Mexican dishes - some of it have plantbased versions.

2. Makai Bowls - Think of Instagrammable smoothie bowls, quinoa bowls and chia bowls including fresh fruit juices

3. Haribowl - Another San Fernando-based restaurant that offers vegan and vegetarian dishes is Haribowl. Their Chickn Inasal, Siopao, and Nachos are some of their popular items. 

4. Curo - Located inside Curbside Villa San Juan, Curo offers vegan breakfast plates, muesli bowls, and more. Their menu changes regularly, so be sure to check their social media for the latest offerings. 

5. Nourished - This eatery, located in Port San Juan in front of the Kahuna Hotel, offers rice bowls, smoothie bowls, and smoothies. They have several vegan options on their menu, including the Berry Delicious smoothie bowl and the Vegan Curry rice bowl. 

6. Seabuds - This restaurant is situated inside San Juan surf and offers vegan breakfast meals, smoothie bowls, bread, and other vegan options. 

7. La Cantina by Kermit - For Italian cuisine with vegan options, head to La Cantina by Kermit. They offer spaghetti pomodoro, aglio olio, pesto, and vegan pizza. 

8. My Plant Kitchen - If you're looking for baked goods, My Plant Kitchen has you covered. They require two days' notice for orders, but they offer vegan sourdough breads, cakes, bars, and cookies. 

9. Nak Nak - This restaurant is located in San Juan and offers vegan versions of dishes like Mushroom & Tofu Adobo and Veggie Curry. You can ask them to replace the chicken with tofu and the meat with tofu in their Pancit. 

6. Bebos Bombay Burrito - Located in Port San Juan, Bebos Bombay Burrito offers several vegan options, including the Aloo Gobi and Mushroom Tandoori burritos.

7. Waffle Joint - This restaurant in San Fernando serves waffles and juices that are accidentally vegan.

8. Tats Cafe - For vegan pastries and desserts, head to Tats Cafe inside Tavern by the Sea in San Juan. Their Snickers and Choco Mousse Cake are both vegan-friendly. 

9. The Lark Inn - This restaurant in front of San Juan Plaza in Ili Sur offers a roasted cauliflower shiro wat and a falafel wrap with tahini. Just be sure to let them know that you want your order to be vegan. 

10. Ramen Enrique - Inside Monaliza Surf Resort, Ramen Enrique offers a Veg Shoyu Ramen that can be made vegan by requesting the removal of the egg. 

11. Thaitanic - For Thai food with vegan options, head to Thaitanic in Dalumpinas, San Fernando. They offer a vegan Pad Thai and vegan versions of their pumpkin curry and green Thai curry. Just be sure to ask them to remove the fish sauce and meat and replace it with tofu. 

10. Hizz - Inside Surfer's Point Deck in San Juan, Hizz offers a vegan-friendly Tofu Sisig. Just let them know that you want your order to be vegan. 

11. Buhay Gulay - This vegan and vegetarian restaurant in San Fernando offers a variety of delicious dishes that are perfect for those who are health-conscious. Their BBQ is a must-try. 

12. The Circle Hostel - Located in San Juan, this hostel also serves delicious vegan-friendly dishes. Their mushroom katsu is a must-try. 

13. Seawadeeka - Another San Juan-based restaurant that caters to vegans is Seawadeeka. They have a few vegan options, including pad thai and tofu curry. 

14. Funky Quarters - While their rice is not vegan, they offer Mushroom Tacos and Mushroom Burrito Bowl that can be modified to suit your dietary preferences. Their white sauce is not vegan, but the chimichuri and sambal are. 

15. Little Canggu - This San Juan-based restaurant offers vegan versions of Nasi Goreng and Mi Goreng, and their Tempeh Satay is also vegan. Mushroom balls are vegan, and you can ask them to remove the egg from your order. 

16. Dabowl Wonder - Their vegan Sumpia is a must-try for anyone who loves vegan food. This restaurant is located in San Juan. 

17. Kahatea - This cafe is located in San Fernando and serves Milkteas, Fruit Teas, and Coffee. They have La Union flavor Milk tea that's only available here in LU! 

18. Herbivora - While they don't have a physical restaurant, this pre-order-only service delivers their food and has weekly meal plans. Their dynamite teriyake rolls are a crowd favorite. 

19. Masa Bakery - This San Juan-based bakery offers vegan options like Mushroom Sandwich (tell them to remove cheese), Hummus, Kamote Doughnuts, Pan Base Sourdough, Pan Marangya, and Shakshouka (ask them to make vegan version). 

20. El Chapos - They have a Classic Horchata that's a must-try. This restaurant is located in San Juan. 

21. Makai Bowls - Located inside Great Northwest in San Juan, they offer vegan options like Smoothie bowls, mushroom sandwiches, and more. 

22. Kermit - This restaurant is also located inside Great Northwest in San Juan and offers Vegan Pizza and Aglio Olio. 

23. Coco Mama - They offer vegan ice cream and are located inside Great Northwest in San Juan. 

24. Tagpuan - They offer Bibimbap (ask them to remove the egg and add tofu) and are located in San Juan.

25. The Good Seed - This restaurant serves smoothie bowls, toasts, salads, and vegan burgers in San Juan. Happy Planet: Located in San Juan, this restaurant serves vegan burgers, vegan nachos, vegan pizza, and vegan sushi. 

26. Pookaberry Cafe -  In San Juan, this cafe serves vegan burgers, vegan sandwiches, and vegan pasta. 

27. Cafe Leona - This San Fernando cafe offers vegan pasta and vegan sandwiches. House of Gypsy: Located in San Juan, this restaurant serves vegan burgers, vegan nachos, and vegan tacos. 

28. Fisherman's Kitchen- In San Fernando, this restaurant offers vegan versions of adobo, sinigang, and pakbet (if requested, they will remove the meat or replace it with tofu). 

29. Beanstalk Cafe- This San Fernando cafe offers vegan burgers, vegan sandwiches, and vegan pasta. 

30. The Coffee Library -  Located in San Fernando, this cafe serves vegan burgers, vegan sandwiches, and vegan pasta. 

31. Little House of Happiness - In San Juan, this restaurant offers vegan burgers, vegan sandwiches, and vegan pasta.

32. Clean Beach Co -  Petfriendly bed and breakfast nook serving the best Macadamia latte and V.G. burger.

33. Leche Ice Cream - Serving ice cream with Filipino-inspired flavors. Aside from that they have the accidentally vegan bilo-bilo.

34. Salad Stoke - Another smoothie haven serving the best banana goji smoothie. Also, must-try is The Arya, a fresh smoothie with green apples, cucumber, mint, lemon, and honey named from one of its lady founders.

 35. Awesome Hotel - If you have some money to splurge staying in a beachfront hotel in La Union, this is the place to be to eat the ever delicious and Instagrammable pasta arrabbiata the vegan version

Credits to Laly Llamas' post on Manila Vegans. I have added her inputs on this blog post. 

La Union may not be as popular as other tourist destinations in the Philippines, but it has a lot to offer for vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based eaters. From vegan burgers to smoothie bowls, from tofu sisig to vegan adobo, there's something for everyone in La Union's plant-based food scene.

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