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Pomodoro Pizza Sorsogon Restaurant Review

pomodoro restaurant sorsogon blog review

Italian restaurant in Sorsogon! Check this out. Nowadays, instead of gadgets and clothes I opt to eat out as my way to reward ourselves for all the hard work I have been doing. Also, I badly miss Manila and hunting restaurants every night. Seriously. That was my life before, but then we separated ways with The Western Ex aka Ollie's Furdad.  For three years, we have probably dined in restaurants a hundred times more specially in Makati and BGC areas. That is why when I moved back to Sorsogon for the time being, my tastebud was longing for different taste, especially international cuisines.

pomodoro restaurant sorsogon

When I learned that there is a full-fledged Italian restaurant in Sorsogon City that just opened, I knew I had to check it out. Though when I quickly browsed the menu it was missing wine, I knew it is still worth going. I for one always keep a bottle of either chilled red wine or sparkling fruity wine drinking half a glass per night. I can survive eating Italian food without it! Kidding! 

pomodoro restaurant sorsogon

One fine day, I received a message that we are personally invited by Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon branch. I just can't believe it because just few days ago I was really looking forward to go check them out. 

italian restaurant in sorsogon city

We knew many content creators have already visited them so saying that the food is delicious is just meeeh to us. See below what we learned from our own dining experience with Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon.

1. Pomodoro Restaurant's name came from Italian word "Pomodoro" means tomato. They have branches in Metro Manila and around the Bicol region, and they have been in business for nine years. 

restaurants in sorsogon city

2. We are not experts but somehow we know how to identify good quality pizza. As you may know, here in Sorsogon, the most common pizza is usually frozen and reheated, and the vegetable slices are often frozen and tasteless. At Pomodoro, they use hand-tossed dough and a brick oven, so the aroma of the dough is still evident. The vegetables and fruits they use are either raw or slightly blanched and we know that they only add them upon order. 

Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon is launching 3 more pizza flavors. Check out their FB fan page for more details. Pomodoro Restaurant's speciality is pizza. 

The sauces they use are all-natural and have no preservatives, and the taste was exclusively formulated for Pomodoro branches. Unlike other fast-food chains that serve cheap pizza, they refill their sauces every month. 

where to eat italian food in sorsogon

3. Pomodoro restaurant's menu has proper labels indicating the bestsellers, vegetarian options, nuts for those who have allergy concerns, ingredients and more. You will save time by not having to ask questions.

pomodoro restaurant sorsogon

3. Free parking is available in front and at the back of the restaurant for those with vehicles. If you run out of gas, a gas station is conveniently located next to them! 

4. Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon offers plant-based, vegetarian and pescetarian food on their menu. See below what we ordered:

For pizza, we chose Giardino, which has Pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes, olives, onions, pineapple, bell pepper, and garlic. It was heaven on earth. Seriously, this pizza was not skimped on, and it tasted amazing. 

For pasta, we chose  Truffle pasta, which has shitake mushroom, cream sauce, and truffle butter, and the Aglio Olio with olives, garlic, chili flakes, and shrimp. The serving was just right for us who eat moderately. The truffle was not overpowering in the taste of the entire pasta. 

We wish that the Aglio Olio had a bit more olive oil, though. We're used to this dish not being too dry, but we love that the parmesan cheese is separate so that you can sprinkle as much as you want. The garlic bread that came with it was chewy, which was unusual since we're used to the bread that comes with pasta dishes to be tough. 

Pomodoro Pizza's house blend tea is unique to them, meaning you won't find the exact flavor elsewhere. It does not taste like sugar, unlike the typical iced tea served in other restaurants. 

My sister who is omnivore also tried the Buffalo Chicken Wings. She said the spicy level is subtle and unlike other chicken wings, she can taste the flavor not only from the skin but even in the chicken meat itself. 

pomodoro pizza MENU

5. Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon's look is chic, cozy and they play Italian music in the background. The walls are made of glass, making it airy and not stuffy. The right side of the restaurant is a repurposed upper part of container van, which is cool where the kitchen and comfort room are located. 

pomodoro pizza philippines

6. No FREE WiFi. Talk to each other and pretend it is 1990.

7. Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon is dog-friendly. You can bring your well-behaved, fully-vaccinated, and diaper-wearing dog or cat inside.

pomodoro pizza makati

8. Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon is not yet available on Foodpanda Sorsogon app. They offer delivery service partnering with a local food delivery service instead. 

9. Pomodor Restaurant Sorsogon's prices are very affordable. For Pasta regular (solo), the options range from Php 134-254. For Pizza (smallest 10 inches), the options range from Php 164-404.  

10. Seating capacity inside in my own guess is 10 to 20 pax. Outside seats can accommodate up to 10.

pomodoro sauce

pomodoro cheese

Our dining experience was 10x more memorable because Hye Bee, Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon's Manager was very accommodating. We were comfortable to ask questions and she answered everything with a smile. Oh and she is a doglover too. We also met Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon's young owners and their mom. What a lucky visit.

We are officially adding Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon in our list of best restaurants in Sorsogon we have personally dined in.

Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon address: Magsaysay St., Brgy. Bibincahan, Sorsogon, Philippines (Phoenix Gasoline Station is the landmark)

Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon Facebook:

Pomodoro Restaurant Sorsogon contact details: 0960 041 4561 and

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