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Pawnec SMART ID Tag and NeoCollar Tag Blog Review

Pawnec Dog ID Tag and Collar Tag Blog Review

Looking for dog collar with QR code tracker? Check this one out. Pawnec digital pet collar and Pawnec pet tag are the answers!

Almost every day, I see numerous posts from different Facebook groups of dog lovers in the Philippines about their missing PET. It scares the heck out of me just thinking about it. What if it happens to my dog, Ollie? I will surely cry a river! That is why I am in constant search of ways that this could be avoided. My dog is already adult and very well-behaved. I can even walk him side by side without a leash in an empty street. I am confident he won't run away from me, though he sniffs every single thing he sees so our pace is very slow unless he wears a leash. He walks in the same pace of mine.

To be honest, I have two options in mind: microchipping and buying an Apple AirTag for my dog. However,  the Universe gave me the third option: Pawnec's pet collar and smart ID tags both powered by QR code. The idea is when Ollie gets lost, the one who found him will scan the QR code showing on his collar tag or ID tag. He has both. For one pet, either of the two is fine. With just a few clicks, this person can see my dog's details, report it as missing pet and show my contact details. 

pawnec dog tag review

What is Pawnec?

Pawnec is a company from California that offers wearable digital pet identification system to help find lost pets through its two products called NeoCollar tag and IndieTag. 

Pawnec Neocollar tag lazada

Pawnec NeoCollar is a pet collar that is equipped with smart QR code. Only three steps are needed to start using Pawnec's NeoCollar tag. Just scratch the serial key and PIN that came with it to be activated. Next is scan the barcode and create a profile over Pawnec's official website. 

BUY Pawnec's NeoCollar HERE via Lazada

Pawnec's NeoCollar looks like a typical dog collar except that it has QR code. See below a list of its advantages:

  • It is adjustable for dogs ranging from small to large. For small breeds measuring 21.5 - 30.5 centimeter length ( Maltese, Chichuahua, Dachsund etc). For medium breeds, measuring 29.5  - 43 centimeter (Corgi, Border collie, Brittany etc.) For large breeds measuring 40.5 - 63 centimeter length (Labrador, German Shepherd, etc).
  • Bite-proof, lightweight and not bulky. I think I have collected more than a dozen of dog collars already for my 4-year old shih tzu. Trust me when I say the perfect dog collar should have these characteristics which are self-explanatory! My dog loves outdoors and I bring a lot of his stuff so I prefer everything in small size.
  •  It costs Php 800+ which is cheaper than Apple AirTag that costs Php 1, 500+. Microchip for dogs in Manila costs Php 1, 000 in private veterinary clinics. However, microchipping is free in some cities in Manila like Makati where I belong.
  • Pawnec's NeoCollar tag is backed up by fail-safe NFC
  • Dog collars like Pawnec's NeoCollar since wrapped around dog's neck is less likely to get lost or damaged compared to air tags or anything rounded thingy that is attached to collars.

How to use Pawnec's Smart ID tag?

Pawnec Smart ID tag lazada

Pawnec's Smart ID pet tag loks like the typical dog tag out with QR code as well but it looks way cute!

If you have a treasured collar for your dog that you won't let go, by all means get Pawnec's Smart ID tag. Like any digital pet tag (including Apple airtag), PawNec's Smart ID tag is activated the same way as Pawnec's NeoCollar tag. 
Just scratch the serial key and PIN that came with it to be activated. Next is scan the barcode and create a profile over Pawnec's official website. 

BUY Pawnec's Dog Tag HERE via Lazada

 See below a list of its advantages:

  • It is light, thin, tiny, waterproof and glossy. I would say it is bite-proof but maybe not swallow-proof so fellow furparents, let us make sure pet tags are kept in safe place when not used.
  • According to the pack where it came from, the QR code of Pawnec's Smart ID tag is 30% error-tolerant. Not sure what this means but I think as I use this product, I will understand this better.
  • Pawnec's Smart ID tag is backed up by fail-safe NFC.

What is the difference between Apple Air Tag vs Pawnec's Smart ID Tag vs Pawnec's NeoCollar Tag?
  • Apple Air Tag is used for many reasons like tracking your keys, backpack etc.  For purpose of locating pets, Apple do not have an official statement about it.  In fact, it is more popular being used as a real-time tracker for luggages during flights. 
  • Apple Air Tag is exclusively for Iphone and Macbook users. Pawnec's Smart ID tag is specially designed to retrieve location history and works regardless of the operating system of your phone. Whether you have Android  or Apple, you can use Pawnec's Smart ID tag.
  • Apple Air Tag costs around Php 1, 500 for one piece which is more expensive than Pawnec's Smart ID Tag and even compared to Pawnec's NeoCollar tag.
  • Even if you buy Pawnec's NeoCollar and Pawnec's Smart ID tag, the total is cheaper than buying one Apple Air Tag that will also need a separate collar and an air tag holder. 
  • Apple Air Tag is used together with Find My app on Iphone. Pawnec's Smart ID tag doesn't need an app. It is a web-based app. If you are like me who don't want to add another app installed in your phone to save on memory, you found the right match :)
  • Apple Air Tag, Pawnec's Smart ID tag and Pawnec's NeoCollar tag are not GPS trackers. 

Do I still need to have my pet microchipped even though it is wearing Pawnec's NeoCollar tag or Pawnec's Smart ID tag?
Microchipping a dog means implanting a small microchip under its loose skin between its shoulder blades usually done in veterinary clinics. If you found a dog that has microchip, you cannot use your mobile phone to scan it so you will know its owner's contact details. You have to bring that dog to the veterinary clinic so they can do it and access the needed information from a centralized database.

With Pawnec's collar tag and ID tag, a smartphone is only needed to scan the smart QR code to know the owner's contact details. You don't need to go anywhere.

Does it work?  
I have succesfully registered the NeoCollar and I have inputted all things I know about my dog. To test if this works, I used my neighbor's smartphone to scan his NeoCollar's barcode pretending she is the stranger who found Ollie. There is an error message that keeps on occuring that prevents her from reporting that my dog is missing. It says "Invalid mobile phone number". I swear to God I inputted the mobile phone number in the right format and even chose the right country flag which is Philippines. I have sent a ticket for direct assistance since my messages from Pawnec's Tiktok account are just seenzoned for now. Maybe because I should have asked the right platform which is sending a ticket :) Will update you guys.

❗❗❗ FYI. I finally got a response on Sept. 14th informing me that it is working now. I went ahead and borrowed someone else's phone and yes, it is now working! 

I would sugget to still get your pet a microchip. Getting one of these Pawnec products for your furbabies is for your added peace of mind. Like I said before, you don't need both of these. In my case, I prefer the NeoCollar because it looks sturdy and it is easier to find because it is bigger in size. Hope this helps to those who are looking for Pawnec reviews.

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