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My Review of Timberland Highlands Resort's Wellness Staycation Package

timberland highlands resort san mateo rizal

Working at home and having a furbaby has significantly lowered my stress level compared to before. However,  I still get tired in all aspects of my life whenever possible. My body also constantly wish to get out for a change of scenery since my home is my office too. That is why when I received an invite to join a wellness retreat near Manila, I literally dropped everything for those dates so I can join.

wellness staycation package in manila

Organized by Timberland Highlands Resort, this wellness package consists of yoga, meditation and breathwork that are guaranteed beginner-friendly. This means whether you have never done any yoga or haven't meditated at all, the activities are basic enough for anyone to catch up.  This also includeds an overnight staycation, breakfast buffet and Mediterranean dinner. 

wellness retreat package in manila


Miss Rosan Cruz is the facilitator of this wellness staycation in Manila. She is an established yoga teacher whom I have joined one of her events back in 2015.  She teaches Kundalini yoga to the participants using the most basic yoga poses and breathing exercises that are also effective to improve our body's overall health. For those who cannot follow the basic poses, she recommends alternative poses that are way easier to do. There is no pressure whatever. If you can't do even the alternative pose, then don't do it if you really can't but of course make sure you try it.

timberland highlands resort review

Timberland Highlands Resort in San Mateo, Rizal

I couldn't really think of anywhere else for a much better wellness destination near Manila than Timberland Highlands Resort to be honest. It is located in upper parts of Rizal with a mesmerizing view of Manila's skyscrapers.  This is not to brag but I have been to dozens of boutique hotels around the country and abroad. I must say, Timberland Highlands Resort met my standards from someone who have done a lot of staycations. 

wellness staycation package in manila

Timberland Highlands Resort stood out in things for me. First, there are sports facilities inside that are huge and are actually used including a gymn. In other hotels, these facilities are often neglected or if not, only occupies a small space. In Timberland Highlands Resort, I was surprised to see the badminton court with 4 people playing, badminton/volleyball area with 5+ playing and the gymn with fitness instructor manning the place. 

timberland highlands resort rizal

Second, they serve wide variety of international cuisines. As someone who is used to eat different kinds of food from different countries, I would say that their selection of food is superb! I am pescetarian so this means I have fewer choices but I have way more choices. Whether it is breakfast buffet, Chinese lunch or Mediterranean dinner, it doesn't matter what kind of diet you do because you have pretty good choices. Food presentation is superb and delicious! I would say their food is of that 5-star standard.

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The wellness staycation package

For Day 1, we had two sessions of roughly an hour each of Kundalini yoga. The weather is rainy so as much as we want an outdoor sunset meditation, it was done indoors. It was my first time to experience sound healing through two kinds of gong bath. The whole afternoon was free time. I like that the itinerary was not that tight. After all, this is a wellness retreat! I was able to enjoy our room with a view of the mountains.

wellness tour package manila

For Day 2, we started our day with another Kundalini yoga. After breakfast, we went to an hour of trekking slash walking meditation that brought us to a private road  that is lined up with towering pine trees called Little Baguio. The view of Sierra Madre mountains is captivating and I get to hug a tree. For others, hugging a tree doesn't mean a thing but for me it was a different experience. Studies show that going on nature walks and even tree hugging have relaxing benefits to lessen our stress levels. We also did a short meditation and another sound healing via two gongs. 

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The theme is releasing bad karma and inviting more good karma. There was one exercise that I got teary eyed. The one that mimics releasing all bad things in me and my family's life. I imagined sickness, lack of money and personal troubles to each other being thrown away.

hotel staycation in rizal

The verdict

Is it worth it? Totally, yes! Timberland Highlands Resort is just 20 minutes away from Quezon City. You don't have to take a plane or even half of your day for a bus ride anymore for a wellness staycation in Manila. Miss Rosan is one of Manila's most sought yoga instructors. You will never go wrong in choosing her. 

baker j cafe bgc

Tip: If you are a coffee and pastry lover, Timberland Highlands Resort has an in-house cafe called Baker J. It's a French-inspired cafe serving lattes, frappes, espresso based and even no-caffeine drinks. I recommend ordering the mango-flavored puff and meringue, you'll thank me later! Baker J BGC is now open. Check it out HERE.

Not included in the package: transportation to and from Timberland and lunch on the second day. You may also opt for a full-body massage at extra cost to you.

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