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Irosin Town Fiesta 2023

The local government of Irosin officially announced the start of month-long celebration of Irosin town fiesta which is celebrated on the 29th including Paray Festival (previously Hin-ay festival) and Feast of Saint Michael The Archangel.

The theme this year is same as last year which is “An Tawo An Yaman San Bongto”. It means the people is the treasure of the town. The opening ceremony started with a holy mass in Irosin Public Auditorium and ribbon cutting lead by Mayor Pidoy Cielo including councilors of Irosin. 

The much-anticipated parade around Irosin’s poblacion brought big crowd to the busy streets participated by different communities and organizations under the management of the local government of Irosin. Also in attendance are the candidates of the upcoming Miss Irosin 2023, Miss Paragay Irosin 2023 and basketball players of Irosin Cup 2023.

Special mention to the beautiful ladies and gorgeous gentlemen of the drum and lyre groups from Veritas College of Irosin, Gallanosa National High School, Gabao High School and Holy Spirit Academy of Irosin. The parade won't be this captivating without them.

Let's also not forget the float of Saint Michael Archangel, Irosin's patron saint which was also part of the parade. It is believed that Saint Michael has protected Irosin from many calamities for many centuries. Therefore, the town honors him every 29th of September through prayer and adoration.





Sept. 01

  • Opening Ceremony and Holy Mass

  • Paray Festival 2023 Opening Parade

  • Kick-Off Program Jamming with Santigwar & Irosin Acoustic Bands

Sept. 02

  • Volleyball Tournament (Irosin Fiesta Cup 2023)

  • Basketball Tournament (Irosin Fiesta Cup 2023)

Sept. 03

  • Volleyball Tournamen (Irosin Fiesta Cup 2023)

  • Zumba Dance Party

Sept. 04

  • Medical Activity

Sept. 06

  • Neon Color Fun Walk

Sept. 07

  • Beer Plaza with Performances from Irosin Local Music Bands

Sept. 08

  • Harmony in Motion: Sing and Dance Fiesta Extravaganza (Amateur Talent Contest)

Sept. 09

  • Skates and Rollerblades Competition

  • Volleyball Tournament (Irosin Fiesta Cup 2023)

  • Damayan Organization Night Beer Plaza

Sept. 10

  • Chess Tournament

  • ICS Alumni Association Night

Sept. 11

  • Job and Business Fair 2023: Trabaho, Negosyo, Kabuhayan (TNK)\

  • Basic Ecclesial Community Night

Sept. 12

  • LTO Day (Land Transportation Office)

Sept. 13

  • Tourism Filipino Brand of Excellence Service Training

  • Zumba Dance Party with Special Guest

Sept. 14

  • Inter-Youth Organizations Laro ng Lahi and Family Day Celebration

  • UFOI Fraternity Night with Santigwar Band

Sept. 15

  • Padurunungan ‘23: Municipal Quiz Bee Competition

  • Harmony in Motion: Sing and Dance Fiesta Extravaganza (Amateur Talent Contest)

Sept. 16

  • Sepak Takraw Tournament (Irosin Fiesta Cup 2023)

  • Miss Irosin 2023 Pre-Pageant Night

Sept. 17

  • Duathlon Race 2023 (Men and Women)

  • Chess Tournament (Irosin Fiesta Cup 2023)

  • Ingkwentro 2023: Tattoo Art Expo and On-the-Spot Tattoo Competition

  • Bond of Bandz: Irosin Music Fest 2

  • 1st Hammock and Tent Festival with Tribu Irosanon

Sept. 18

  • Cultural Show 2023 by Teatro ‘D Veritas (TDV)

Sept. 19

  • Table Tennis Tournament (Irosin Fiesta Cup 2023)

  • Search for Mr. and Ms. Body Beautiful 2023

Sept. 20

  • Table Tennis Tournament (Irosin Fiesta Cup 2023)

  • Harmony in Motion: Sing and Dance Fiesta Extravaganza (Amateur Talent Contest)

  • Grand Ballroom Dance - BDIA Sorsogon Chapter

Sept. 21

  • Irosin Photowalk 2023: Professional, Amateur, & Hobbyist Photographer

  • Table Tennis Tournament (Irosin Fiesta Cup 2023)

  • Irosin Native Delicacy Presentation and Contest (Suman Karabasa)

  • Amateur Boxing Tournament (Padarangga 2023)

Sept. 23

  • Live Art Painting Contest

  • Badminton Tournament (Irosin Fiesta Cup 2023)

  • Miss Paragay 2023 All Stars Coronation Night

Sept. 24

  • Badminton Tournament (Irosin Fiesta Cup 2023)

  • Beer Plaza with Santigwar Band

Sept. 25

  • Padurunungan ‘23: Municipal Quiz Bee Competition

Sept. 26

  • MISS IROSIN 2023 Coronation Night

Sept. 27

  • Irosin Town Fiesta Civic Parade

  • Paray Festival Drum and Lyre Competition 2023

  • Irosin Town Fiesta Beer Plaza by Gallanosa NHS Alumni Association

Sept. 28

  • Paray Festival 2023 - Street Dance Parade and Presentation

  • Concierto nin Pasasalamat by Gov. Boboy Hamor

Sept. 29

  • Barangay Night

  • Agri-Tourism Trade Fair 2023

  • Banchetto Night With Acoustic Bands 

  • Basketball Fiesta Cup Games

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