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February - My Birth Month

baker j bgc

The first week of my February was spent in late lunch in Goto Believe, BGC after my workout in a pet-friendly gym in BGC too.  I am not really a fan of goto but from time to time, I crave for it. I was not expecting anything outstanding about goto but Goto Believe in BGC proved me wrong. The many versions of their goto are very interesting and really taste good. I am not eating pork, chicken and beef so I opted for deep fried creamy dory as toppings. It turned out to be the perfect combo. I asked to serve the innards separately which is a typical ingredient of goto. I brought it home and gave to the stray cats I feed outside our apartment. If you are looking for an upgrade version of goto that is super worth it, go to Goto Believe restaurants!

goto believe bgc

Whenever time permits, I always join pet events in Manila. I was also able to check out Coliers' Woofy + Friends Hours: Valentine Edition in The Podium. It's a pretty small pet event where merchants selling pet products also join. Halfway through the event during the fashion show, I have to go home with my furbaby because the sister called me saying she lost her keys and can't get inside our apartment. I have no choice but to go home. Next time, I will make sure to join from the start to finish!

colliers and woofy pet event in the podium

The next weekend, another trip to SM Megamall brought me to Bibingkitan which is now BBKLPHL on social media. I remember back in my corporate years, I would always buy their original bibingka and super loving it. After many years,  I was able to taste once again its original bibingka. It tastes just the same. It is still the most delicious bibingka in Manila I have ever tasted because it is fluffier. I don't like bibingkas when it is hard and all I can taste is flour and rice. They also offer an upgraded version of bibingka which has ube toppings and lots of cheese. I love it too but then again nothing beats the original. They also offer matcha lattes and other kinds of coffee lattes. Being a fan of matcha, I love that their cup of hot match is one of the most affordable that I have ever tasted.

bibingkinitan store

As of the moment, I am close to salivating and wishing that I can order these on Grab or Foodpanda. Unfortunately, the Bibingkintan branch in SM Megamall is not on these food delivery apps. I have seen other branches of BBKPHL on these apps but they only the original bibingka and no drinks available! SM Megamall has an app that they have been trying to market - unfortunately BBKPHL in SM Megamall is not included in the list of merchants that they offer delivery of food. I was thinking since it is the official app of SM malls, it should have the COMPLETE list of brands but it is not the truth.

Another week came and I was able to join BGC Breakfast Club. It is KKB style of doing brunch together every Sunday in BGC which is mostly joined by BGC folks. BGC is my unofficial address for 3 years when I and the Ex are still together. Even now, I feel BGC is still part of me because I come here 4x-5x a week. I live just 5 minute walk to BGC. I was able to tag along my dog that time because they decided to hold the meetup to a pet-friendly restaurant in BGC which is Nono's restaurant. 

nonos bgc pet friendly

Now, I am also thinking of holding a weekly meetup to a pet-friendly restaurant anywhere in the metro with fellow pet-lovers through my Facebook group named Pet-friendly travels, restaurants that allow pets and essentials in Manila. I am still brainstorming being the lone moderator and founder of this group. Currently, it has 4, 600 followers but the group is really active.

I have been craving dark chocolates for a while now. My sister from Laguna who went home to Bicol this Valentines day because she and my other sister own an online flower shop. February 14th is the biggest day of the year for them so she even book a roundtrip flight to get there quick and get back to work quick too. I asked her to buy me local dark chocolates in Sorsogon so I met up with her in the bus terminal near LRT Buendia. 

local dark chocolates in sorsogon

I think Bicol's most underrated product is cacao and particularly its local dark chocolates. You can buy high quality local dark chocolates in OTOP Sorsogon. I was told that the seller that I always buy dark chocolates in 75% - 90% content when I was still in Sorsogon is no longer producing those. My sister was able to find another seller in OTOP Sorsogon but the highest content of cacao is at 62% with flavors of peppermint and pili nuts. They turned out to be so good that these packs disappeared quickly. If you are going to Sorsogon or know a friend who is going there, please ask for a dark chocolate made here. 

The highlight of February is no other than my 40th birthday. No parties - I never organized any. It is just not my thing. What I only want is to eat out that day. Good thing, I remembered winning in an IG contest to another pet-friendly BGC restaurant named Baker J. I decided to redeem the prizes which are Afternoon Tea Set, macaroons and fresh bouquet of flowers from The Flower Gallery PH. We went there around 10 am but to our surprise, they gave these already in to-go boxes. We are expecting we are gonna eat these there actually so we just decided to took these home. We were two winners in these contest. The other winner contacted me about how many or what I got from the Afternoon Tea Set. We found out that we received 50% of what's supposed to be in this set. They did not gave everyting included. It was just one set total given to me and to the other owner. Oh well, I am not the type of person who complains. We have the same thoughts after knowing what happened - just be grateful of what we received.

pet friendly restaurant in bgc

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