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uma nota manila

Are you looking for a fine dining restaurant in BGC? You are in the right place. I have the honor to be invited to the opening of Uma Nota, a fine dining restaurant that has branches in Hong Kong and Paris. Since I live very near BGC, it is an automatic yes answer. I love Japanese cuisine but never tried Brazilian cuisine that is why as a foodie who has eaten to dozens of restaurants, I am curious what it is going to bring to my palate. Uma Nota pays tribute to Japanese people who moved to São Paulo in Brazil weaving a combined rich tapestry of cultural influences to each other. 


uma nota manila

The Vibe of Uma Nota Manila

The moment I came inside, my attention was caught by a tree hanging from the ceiling that came all the way from Dubai. Designed by Asmaa Said, founder of The Odd Duck Studio, Uma Nota unfolds as a sensory journey through four distinct realms. The Living Room, with its striking 'Hanging Tree' installation, seamlessly transitions from upscale dining to a vibrant, seductive evening space. 

uma nota manila bgc

Uma Nota Manila is that spot you go to when you want to end your night in a classy yet sassy atmosphere all while enjoying an intimate time with a loved one, a family member or your best of friends. 

uma nota bgc

The Bar fosters an intimate social atmosphere, while Tropicalia pays tribute to the 70s Tropicália movement. The Meiji Room, with its Japanese mural, honors the rich heritage of the mass Japanese migration to São Paulo during the Meiji era. 

uma nota manila menu

Uma Nota's menu from a pescetarian's perspective 

I really appreciate restaurants like Uma Nota that can cater to different diets.  I have been vegetarian for a while but since I am aiming to gain weight, I decided to go pescetarian. My personal gym instructor supports my decision so I am happily back to eating seafood and fish.

For appetizers, I chose Dadinhos De Tapioca (Brazilian tapioca and cheese dices served with sweet sauce).  For some reasons, these pieces of tapiocas remind me of tempeh but with a milder taste.

brazilian japanese restaurant in manila

The next ones served to us were two kinds of sushis: Avocado Roll (grilled asparagus, shibuzake, cucumber, vegan herb mayonnaise & crispy cassava) and Salmon Roll (cucumber, wasabi crem cheese, avocado, sweet soy & ikura). To my surprise, these sushi rolls are quite bigger in size compared to other fine dining restaurants in BGC that serve the same. Everything's fresh in Avocado Roll and I can really taste the salmon in the Salmon Roll. 

uma nota manila review

For the main dish, they offered Berinjuela (whole eggplant, miso glaze, cashew nuts & goat cheese). I was shocked to see a really big eggplant which is not the typical one I see in the local markets. The eggplant was extra soft and extra tender. Don't get me wrong - if you boil any eggplant it is given that it is soft and tender. However here in Uma Nota Manila - it was way more than that. I never thought that goat cheese and cashew bits are all you need to whip up a very delicious boiled eggplant with a twist.

fine dining restaurant in bgc

Complementing Uma Nota's exquisite culinary offerings is a thoughtfully crafted Drinks Menu, ensuring a perfect pairing for every palate. I chose Coco Verde (lime, coconut milk, pandan, mint & cachaga). I was hesitant at first because maybe the coconut milk is too heavy. It will taste more like a coconut cream and I won't like it. However, I was wrong. The coconut milk added was subtle enough that I can still taste the liquor in this drink.

uma nota philippines

If you want more options for this Brazilian mixology, you can try the iconic Caipirinhas (Cachaça Yaguara, sugar, lime, & choice of fresh fruit), Kyoto Sour (Atago No Matsu sake, grapefruit, green Tabasco, lemon, & agave), Maluco Carioca (Brazilian limeade masterpiece crafted with Cachaça Yaguara), Uma Nota Cup Noodle (toasted coconut liqueur, pineapple, cucumber, lime & sesame oil). The Drinks Menu at Uma Nota is a testament to creativity, offering a harmonious balance to the culinary symphony on the plate. 

For dessert, I chose Abacaxi Churrasco (Roasted pineapple, coconut ice cream, almond coconut crumble & Japanese whisky caramel sauce).  It's somehow a refreshing combination of sweets to my palate. Dems, a blogger friend of mine who was my seatmate also let me taste the Matcha layared cake (Hokkaido milk ice cream, pink cotton candy cloud). It was a feast in the eyes when the staf had to use something like a spray gun to remove the pink cotton candy cloud that covers the matcha cake.

uma nota philippines hours of operation

Alexis Offe, Co-Founder of Uma Nota, shares his excitement, stating, “Uma Nota has always been a celebration of cultural harmony, a symphony where Brazilian and Japanese influences dance together. Our journey into Manila is more than just an expansion; it's an immersion into the rich tapestry of flavors and experiences unique to this vibrant city.” He adds that the difference with Hong Kong, Manila will be elevating the experience, big events will become a regular part of the program, promising a dynamic atmosphere that goes beyond the ordinary. Uma Nota Manila is not just a venue; it's a destination for those seeking a thrilling blend of entertainment, design, and immersive experiences. 

alexis offe uma nota manila

Uma Nota’s Executive Chef Gustavo Vargas has developed a menu that caters to every palate, whether you like it raw, from the wok, grilled or baked. On his menu, Executive Chef Gustavo Vargas adds, “We've been hard at work collaborating with Kyle Ureta, our Manila Head Chef to create dishes that bring together the bold flavors of Brazilian and Japanese cuisine while catering specifically to the local palate. In a city known for its diverse food scene, we're confident that our menu, crafted in harmony with local influences, will offer a delicious and unique dining experience.” 

Uma Nota Manila's website and contact details

  • Smart 0908899292766, Globe & WhatsApp: 09173072766 
  • Email:  
  • Website:

 Capacity (Total is 174 pax)

  •  Living Room: 68 pax 
  • Bar: 32 pax 
  •  Meiji Room: Dining setup: 12 pax / Cocktail setup 30 pax (for privatization, minimum spend required) 
  • Tropicalia: 44 pax / Cocktail setup 80 pax (for privatization, minimum spend required)

Payment Channels

All major credit cards, Cash and G-Cash 

Additional Remarks

• Reservations are available & encouraged. 

• Tables of 6 or more require the Chef's Menu and a deposit to secure the reservation. 

• Private Rooms: Meiji Room, Tropicalia. 

• Catering, Chef-at-Home, and private event hire available. 

• Corkage fees: Champagne: PHP6,000, Spirits: PHP6,000, Wine: PHP3,000 

• Cake Cutting fee: PHP1,000 

Get ready, Manila, for Uma Nota's signature blend of zest, precision, and cultural harmony that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. 

For media inquiries, please contact Uma Nota's publicist, Vani Altomonte at

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