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Pet-friendly Binondo Food Trip 2024


Pet-friendly Binondo restaurants? This is my first question when I thought about doing a Binondo Food Crawl pet-friendly edition. I have joined so many Binondo food trips in the past and even once co-organized Binondo food tour package so Binondo is not new to me. However, I am not an expert when it comes to Binondo food trips! Now that I am a furmom, I would love to bring my furbaby to restaurants in Binondo that allow pets.

List of Pet-friendly Binondo Restaurants

1. The Great Buddha Cafe 
Address: 628, Ongpin St.
Must order: Cream Cheese Nai Cha (cold milk tea topped with a layer of cream cheese), Sun Cake ala Mode dessrt, Pan-fried Hakaw, HK style honey asado with rice etc.

Unfortunately, The Great Buddha Cafe was full when we arrived. I even saw a handful of people waiting for their turn. Pets of small sizes and wearing diapers are allowed with their furbabies.

the great buddha cafe  binondo


2. Cafe Mezzanine at Chuan Kee 
Address: 650, Ongpin St. 
Must order: For Cafe Mezzanine - Beef tendon rice bowl, Pork maki, Shrimp siomai, Kiampong fried rice etc. For Chuan Kee - Fishball soup, Xiao long bay, Beef mama & Quekiam etc.

Cafe Mezzanine and Chuan Kee are both located in one up and down house so I decided to list them together. There is always a HUGE line of people here. As expected, we decided to find another Binondo pet-friendly restaurant because our time is limited.

cafe mezzanine binondo

3. Sincerity Restaurant 
Address: 519, Quintin Paredes St. 
Must order: Chinese style fried chicken  

Sincerity Restaurant being one of the most known Binondo restaurants was also full when we went there. Good thing, there is a bench in front of the main door for those who are waiting for their turn to dine. The staff said that those who have a small to medium pet can only sit in the table and chair nearest to the main door. This means, only one pet is allowed in a given time.

You can read HERE my blog post in 2014 about my 10 Best Restaurants For Chinatown Binondo Food Tour that includes Sincerity Restaurant

sincerity restaurant binondo

4. 4 Zeason Cuisine 786 
Address: Ongpin St. 
Must order: Oyster omelette, kikiam, seafood dishes and kiampong rice  

At last, after almost one hour of walking and waiting we were able to find one a pet-friendly Binondo restaurant that has vacant table for us! We were so hungry that we ordered the first ones we saw from their display. I don't even remember the specific names but I remember those are seafood dishes.

4 zeasons restaurant binondo

5.  Sun Cafe 
Address: 586 Quintin Paredes St. 
Must order: Matcha latte (option to add espresso), tarts, tuna sisig, fried tempura, fish & chips 

Sun Cafe is the newest modern cafes in Binondo that is just across Binondo Church. It is not a Chinese restaurant per se but I am sure it can cure the "umay" you feel after eating heavy food. 

Pets with diapers are only allowed in the tables and chairs near the corners or walls of this cafe. In other words, the spaces that are farthest from other customers.

sun cafe binondo

  6. Ching Fung Snack House 
Address: 615, Carvajal St. 
Must order: Dumplings, dimsum, fried pork bun and more.

Located along Carvajal St., this Binondo pet friendly restaurant was empty when we went there. We would love to eat here but our stomachs are 99% full so we bought pastries to eat at home. 


7.  Golden Lantern Chinese Restaurant 
Address: 824, Benavidez St. 
Must order: Different kinds of noodles, Yangzhou fried rice, different kinds of seafood etc.  

Pets are welcome and no questions asked here! This pet-friendly Binondo restaurant is close to full but there is one vacant table and chair. I am still full literally so I just ordered shabu-shabu sticks. I ate these inside with my furbaby.

golden lantern chinese restaurant binondo

 8. Min Nan Di Yi Wei, 832 Benavidez St. 

Must order: Oyster pancake (oyster panda) Busog pa rin ako kaya radish cake ang aking inorder. 

Another Binondo restaurant that allows pets, Mi Nan Di Yi Wei is not crowded but I am still full despite walking for 30 minutes already. I opted to order radish cake. I was only able to eat a few and decided to take out home the rest. 

mi nan di yi wei binondo

More pet-friendly restaurants in Binondo below that we wish we can dine but our stomach is overflowing already:

9. Awi's Cafe & Restaurant 
Address: 520 Yuchengco St. 

10. Masuki Restaurant 
Address: 931 Benavidez St 

11. Cafe Aquatica 
Address: 619 Norberto Ty St. 

12. Mr. Ube and Eng Bee Tin 
Address: 707 Ongpin St. 

13. Ying Ying Tea House 
Address: 233-235 Yuchengco St. 

14. Ang Tunay Beef House 
Address: 825 Sabino Padilla St. 

Other pet-friendly establishments in Binondo below that we visited and are not restaurants:

15. Ho-land Bakery 
Address: 551, Yuchengco St. 

This is an airconditioned bakery but the space is small so only small to medium size pets are allowed inside.

16. Wan Kee Bakery
Address: 828, Benavidez St. 

This one is not airconditioned with fewer options to buy. Pets are allowed. I don't think there is size restrictions here because the space to walk around is quite bigger than the bakery above.

17. Shopper's Mart 
Address: 627, Tomas Pinpin St. 

Shopper's Mart is always crowded. I never thought pets are allowed here but as always, I am the person who always try so I asked the guard that day. He said yes as long as it is small to medium and wearing diaper.

18. Lucky Chinatown
Address: Reina Regente St 

Lucky Chinatown mall is pet-friendly. You just have to register your furbaby to get the digital pet pass. It is quite far from the Binondo where all restaurants are but definitely worth visiting too.

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