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Tech Productivity Hacks for Working from Home in 2024

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In a country as busy and dynamic as Singapore, hybrid work and remote work have blossomed as new models for productivity. But while working from home often helps an employee move closer towards their closest ideal of work-life balance, it not without it's challenges. 

Perhaps you already know how easily distractions at home can derail your productivity. But this 2024, you can use tech to your advantage, namely through the following tech productivity hacks: 

1)  Look into a Back-Up Internet Plan and Power Supply 

Remote work in Singapore is heavily dependent on a stable internet connection and uninterrupted power supply. The city-state is known for its high-speed internet, but technical issues and power outages can still occur at any time. 

To ensure consistent productivity, do a SIM only plan comparison for plans that SG telecoms offer, and use your plan as your back-up for securing internet connectivity. As for your power supply, you can invest in a large-capacity power bank or a back-up generator. This will prevent any interruptions to your work output, even during inclement weather. 

2) Establish a Routine Using Scheduling Apps 

If you don’t already have a system for scheduling meetings or setting reminders to do important tasks, scheduling apps like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook will afford you a good head start. Pair these tools with productivity techniques like time blocking, which entails blocking out particular time periods in your day for your most important tasks. 

Be specific about what you want to achieve during those time blocks. This structured approach will keep you stay organised and on track. 

3) Set and Track Your Goals Efficiently 

With clear objectives spelled out to you, you're more likely to stay focused on the things you need to do and less likely to be distracted. Knowing that, consider using project management apps like Trello or Asana to create goals and keep track of your progress. Both tools are highly adaptable can be used for projects like budget proposals and marketing campaigns. 

These tools should also help you break larger objectives into smaller, actionable tasks and keep an eye on milestones as well as setbacks. Ultimately, tech like the examples mentioned above will help you visualise your goals and ascertain whether you're moving in the right direction. 

4) Avoid Distractions Using Blockers 

One tricky thing about remote work is that you can be hit by distractions both online and offline, for example by household or social media. To stay focused and productive, you’ll want to be able to identify and mitigate these distractions. 

For anything related to the web, you can try using tools like website blockers and distraction trackers. Apps like Cold Turkey and Freedom will allow you to temporarily block access to distracting websites and apps during your work hours. 

Maximise the effectiveness of such apps and be sure you’re free of household distractions as well. A quiet and organised environment can do wonders for your concentration. 

5) Utilise AI Technology 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a significant game-changer in terms of productivity. For your remote work in SG, you’ll be able to use the technology for a variety of tasks. Content creators can use free AI tools such as ChatGPT or paid ones such as Jasper or QuillBot to move their writing process forward. Digital marketers, on the other hand, can use AI tools like Pro Rank Tracker and Ocoya for search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media management. 

You can also use AI-powered time management tools to analyse your work habits and suggest improvements. The same tools can even automate routine tasks, such as email filtering and document organisation. Look into the variety of AI-driven solutions available to you to reclaim precious hours in your day. 

6) Put Your Virtual Assistants to Good Use 

In the age of smart technology, virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa have become invaluable tools for remote workers. Practise working with a virtual companion to help you streamline your workday and access information with remarkable efficiency. 

Given that they can be activated using voice commands, virtual assistants will make it easy to set appointments and reminders. They can also speed up your online research and free up time you’ll otherwise spend languishing on search engines. 

7) Collaborate with Your Co-Workers Online Using Different Tools 

Remote work often involves collaboration with colleagues or clients from different locations. That means that effective online collaboration is essential for your success. Tools like Slack and Zoom will facilitate seamless communication and teamwork and have you clear your goals as a group, just like you would from a physical office. 

Slack is great for instant messaging and team chats, while Zoom enables seamless virtual meetings and presentations. Master these tools so that you can stay connected to your team and maintain a high level of productivity, even from a distance. 

The tools listed above have great potential to improve your workflow and streamline your focus, whether you’re working independently or with a team. But it’s ultimately your own personal initiative that will drive up your productivity and ensure you get the necessary work done. Commit to working both harder and smarter this 2024, and use these suggestions to do so.

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