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Restaurants and Cafes in BGC that have Menus for Pets

cafes in bgc with menu for dogs

Are you looking for pet-friendly restaurants in Manila? Why not make it a restaurant that offers menu for pets in Manila to be precise? Since pandemic ended, pet-friendly restaurants in Manila have mushroomed everywhere! It was always a pain in the ass whenever we want to dine out because we always struggle to find a restaurant that accepts pets in Metro Manila. I even started a Facebook group that posts about pet-friendly establishments to connect with fellow furparents who share the same dilemma. You can join HERE if you want. Anyways, see below my BGC edition of restaurants that serve food for pets.

We  used to live in BGC 3 years ago when I and the Ex are still together. We would frequent good restaurants almost every night for dinner with my dog. In the 3 years that we've been together, I think we have eaten to dozens of restaurants in BGC with Ollie, my dog.

Good times shouldn't end just because someone left so even if it is just me and my dog now, eating out is a joyful moment that we do every now and then. We even took our goal one higher up by hunting particularly cafes that have menus for pets in Manila. 


pet friendly cafe in sm aura bgc

Providore PH in SM Aura is a Western-Filipino restaurant located just a few minutes from the mall's main entrance facing Market, Market. It is in the right side, you'll surely won't miss this restaurant with a menu for dogs in BGC. We have been here several times - my dog loves the  one I chose for him since our first visit which is the Meatwoof.

See below the menu of Providore PH for dogs:

1. Meatwoof with mashed potato frosting beef, liver, oats, carrots, yogurt, celery + potato 

2. Bibimbark White rice, meatwoof, blanched veggies + boiled egg

Click HERE  to watch my Tiktok video of Providore Ph's menu for dogs

providore bgc menu

The number one is Ollie's favorite. He can finish eating this within 3 minutes. Providore BGC is a proud pet-friendly restaurant. The printed copies of the menu for pets they serve are showcased on top of the tables near the front entrance of this restaurant. The price of the number one in Providore PH's menu for dogs only cost Php 120. I am not sure of the number two if it has the same rate.

 EST Bakery & Cafe in SM Aura, BGC

est bakery and cafe sm aura

Another pet-friendly cafe with menu for dogs in BGC is EST Bakery and Cafe situated in the fifth floor. This cafe is Japanese inspired from the physical vibe of the place to the food and drinks they offer. It has outdoor seats but the furbabies with diapers are more than welcome inside. 

See below the menu for dogs of EST Bakery and Cafe BGC:
 1. FREE biscuits (3 pcs) 
 2. Pet pancake (cake flour, baking powder, olive oil, water, egg) 
 3. Soy cream stew ( chicken breast, soy milk, lettuce, cabbage & carrots)

est bakery and cafe sm aura bgc

Ollie loves McDo pancakes like crazy so I ordered the pancake. However, when I gave him the pet pancake from this dining spot in SM Aura he barely ate it. I am confused what is in this fastfood chain's ingredient that my dog loves so much. Maybe it is the butter. 

The soy cream stew was a big surprise to me because he ate it. Ollie is not fan of any kind of soup. At home, I always give him bone broth from chicken, beef or pork but he doesn't like it at all. He also loves anything fried so I was literally shocked when he ate all the pieces of chicken in this dish. Only left are the veggies! This one, I am not surprised at all.


shake shack ph dog menu

Shake Shack is the ever famous modern burger stand franchise from US. I have seen their branches along Bonifacio High Street, Greenbelt and SM Megamall for many times now. However, it is only just recently I noticed that Shake Shack PH has a menu for dogs. Who wouldn't miss Shake Shack's menu when it is literally printed in front of their restaurant?

Here is a list of Shake Shack PH's dog menu below:
1. Poochini Shackburger dog biscuits (2 pcs) and vanilla custard 
2. Bag-O-Bones Shackburger dog biscuits (6 pcs) 

Shake Shack Ph's dog menu is in collaboration with Whole Pet Kitchen, a local all-natural pet bakery & pet food company. I buy a variety of their frozen food for my dog via Pet Express shops inside SM malls that is why I know this brand.  

Ollie loved the vanilla custard so much. It looks like ice cream to me. I am not really familar with vanilla custard so I googled its typical ingredients: egg yolks, milk, butter, vanilla and sugar.  In other words, this treat is a dessert to dogs.



Move over, Starbucks. The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf is now our most favorite cafe. Why? Starbucks used to offer puppacino but now they added chocolate so it is no longer edible to dogs. We also learned that Starbucks do not allow pets inside while The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf allows pets wearing diapers inside. 

My dog loves CBTL Ph's puppacino which is basically whipped cream made of heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract as usual ingredients. For Php 35, my dog is in heaven licking his puppacino like there's no tomorrow!

Click HERE to watch my Tiktok video of The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf's puppacino

The Westin Manila Hotel's Lobby Lounge

The westin manila hotel dog menu

There are many pet-friendly hotels in Manila but only few of them offer a menu for dogs like The Westin Manila Hotel. Last November,  I was finally able to visit The Westin Manila Hotel with my dog to try their "A La Bark" menu while joining their Halloween for pets event. By the way,  I know two more pet-friendly hotels in Manila that offer pet menu. First is Hilton Manila. You may click HERE our review of Hilton Manila's pet-friendly rooms. Second is Sofitel Manila. You may click HERE our review of the biggest Halloween event for pets that we have attended in Manila by Hilton Manila.

This was a last-minute decision and Ollie is still full so we really planned to eat less this time. See what I ordered for Ollie below:

1. Woofacino: beef broth with light whipped cream on the side
2. Bibimbark: braised salmon with carrots, peas, pumpkin, spinach, brown rice, sesame and corn

The Woofacino is much like the puppacino of The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf and vanilla custard of Shake Shack. Ollie loves it so much! It is the priciest iced dessert for dogs that I have ever ordered for my dog too.

Ollie is not a fan of veggies and fruits. He only eats these when mixed so well with his food which is usually meat. And so, he finished eating all the salmon and the rest remained in his plate. You know what I did? I brought home the leftovers and mixed in his food. He ate it! I hate seeing food going wasted when I can bring that outside then feed hungry/homeless dogs! 

Recently, they have added to-go dog treats  in the form of biscuits which we were able to bring home free during the event. I haven't located where I kept it but once I do, I will surely give to Ollie as soon as possible.

The Westin Manila's dog menu is a bit pricey but the serving is huge. It is only offered in the veranda (outdoor area) every Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 4 pm to 6 pm only.

There you go! Next to be featured are restaurants and cafes that are pet-friendly in Manila. They have no food for pets but happy that they open their doors to our furbabies. 

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