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Pet-friendly Restaurant and Hotel in Binondo: Chinatown Lailai Hotel

chinatown lailai hotel binondo review

Since Ollie's furlola aka Mama is in the metro all the way from Bicol, we decided mag Binondo food trip. We wanted a pet-friendly resto na hindi OA ang pila just to get inside kasi we don't have much time. Kaya sa Chinatown LaiLai Hotel kami pumunta. Pet-friendly na hotel na may seafood restaurant sa basement nila. In fernez, masarap. We love the vibe kasi hindi crowded ang kainan and may aircon naman. Isa ito sa mga not so sikat na kainan sa Binondo na worth sharing talaga. 

pet friendly hotel in binondo chinatown

Nagkaroon din ako ng pagkakataon to try 12  dishes from Lailai Seafood Restaurant's menu from my previous visits with fellow content creators. Overall, I love the steam king fish, oyster ball, seafood noodles, crab rice, broccoli garlic and tomato egg. 


pet friendly restaurant in binondo chinatown manila

Here are my thoughts about each of these: 

  • Fish head sour soup - Lapu lapu na fish served in a big bowl of hot soup with some wood ear mushroom. Yung asim nya galing sa Chinese vinegar and some spices. I only sip some and ate a bite because I still have 11 more to fit in my stomach.  It is like conditioning your taste bud that you’re ready to devour more! 
  • Steam king fish  - Steamed king fish was cooked the right way. Why? Coz hindi masyado malansa. 
  • Crab rice - Fried rice served with one big fried crab in the shell. Though I wondered what if the crab meat has been sliced in small pieces and mixed well with the fried rice? 
  • Oyster ball - Fried oyster with onion leeks and seaweed served with a kind of sauce I forgot the name. I never bothered to ask because I can eat oyster ball without it. At first, I thought it was squid but it is not. I love that the serving size is bigger than what I was expecting. 
  • Lailai seafood noodles - Smaller strips of noodles mixed with some seafood. I love this too. I prefer this than those long and thick noodles that are heavy in the stomach. Though I have to remind myself, I have to reserve some space for more food. 
  • Pork kikiam -  Lailai Hotel’s homemade kikiam. Most kikiam’s I have eaten in Binondo are hard and looking old but the ones we tried here are new, with lighter color and a bit chewy when eaten. 
  • Broccoli garlic - Lightly cooked.  The garlic is just enough. The broccoli they use is fresh I can tell because it is crispy and I can really taste its natural flavor. 
  • Sautéed squid - Squid is chewy. The red and green bell peppers Halaan guisado - clams are fresh and sautéed just right. 
  • Okiam chicken - did not had a chance to eat this but from the looks of my companions, it seems they are loving the taste
  • Tomato egg - this one sounds like everyone can make at home but they have some special ingredient here that I don’t know and it is secret! they make the best/upgraded version. 


Special mention to their Halo-halo coffee. It is your typical halo-halo with one espresso shot from Arabica coffee, milk, fruity sinkers, sweet red munggo, pinipig etc. then topped with ube plus 1 SECRET ingredient. If you want to enjoy halo-halo with a mild hint of coffee, this is it. Creamy and sweet over all. Only available during summer for now so make sure you grab one. 

halo halo coffee in binondo chinatown

 Pet fee is Php 500 per night in the hotel. Pets should stay in under the table or floor and not sit on the chairs as per guideline of Lailai hotel.

chinatown lailai hotel binondo

FYI. Sa tabi nito ay may store ng charm bracelets na authentic gems talaga which is owned by Lailai Hotel owner. Pag bibili ka ng bracelet, need mo ibigay ang iyong birthday kasi doon ibi-base anong klaseng lucky stones for you. Nagkakahalaga ng Php 2, 500 ang bracelet na combination ng health, love, business gems. If gusto mo bracelet na particularly one aspect of your life, Php 3, 500 siya. Kini-cleanse siya na parang may short orasyon with the help of Tibet signing bowl bago ibigay sayo. Ang bracelet mo ay uniquely for you. Hindi pwede ipahiram/iregalo sa iba kasi based siya sa birthday mo. 


Disclaimer: my first visit here was official invite from the hotel kaya sponsored ang food. Yung second visit ko is personal expense. As always, my views and opinions are all from my own experience.

If you want to go to Binondo for FREE with your furbaby, you may take Pasig ferry. We tried from Guadalupe station to Escolta actually to go to Binondo. Click HERE to read our experience of taking our pet via Pasig ferry ride.

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