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Is Nitori Philippines Pet-friendly?

nitori philippines pet friendly

Mitsukoshi BGC is a pet-friendly mall and just ten minutes by foot to us. That is why we always come here often! While scrolling on Facebook, I saw a post about the grand opening of Nitori Philippines which is a shop for furnitures and home decors etc. from Japan. First thing that came up in my mind is - can I bring my dog, Ollie? It did not took long for me to know the answer. YES! Nitori Philippines is pet-friendly.  

mitsukoshi bgc pet friendly

I have been twice to Nitori in BGC. First during its soft opening exclusively for media and winners of their contests. That time I did not know that pets are allowed so I left Ollie. I also did not buy anything because the line to the cashier to pay is so long. After a month from grand opening of Nitori Philippines, I came back with my brother and of course my dog Ollie. I bought a dish organizer and weighing scale. My seafarer brother bought a classic alarm clock that he said was loud enough to wake him up in the sea at a particular time he wants.

mitsukoshi bgc pet friendly

Mitsukoshi BGC has its very detailed pet regulations and policies. You may read HERE. In reality, the pet pass is not actually required. This is speaking from my own experience. As long as the guard sees that your dog has leash, diaper, stroller etc., you can get inside. 

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