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Quick thoughts of Bicol Loco Festival 2024 from personal experience


bicol loco festival 2024

I am a fan of Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festivals. In fact, I have joined the first ever of this kind in 2014 that was held in Lubao, Pampanga. You may click HERE to read how it went. I even promoted many tour packages for Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festivals in collaboration with different tour agencies in Manila.

philippine hot air balloon bicol 2024

That is why it was a joy to learn that for 2024, the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival will be held in my home region - Bicol. I would love to see it once again, but I am in Manila so I asked my sister to check it out. Take note, our family house is in Sorsogon which is 2 hours away from Albay. My sister had to wake up at three in the morning so she can reach the venue at five in the morning.

hot air balloon festival bicol

Bicol Loco Festival is a 3-day affair. She was not able to join the first day which falls on Friday because she's got work. She and her bestfriend was able to participate on the second day. From Cruzada Legazpi where the bus dropped them, they took a tricycle ride to old Albay airport. During ordinary days, only very few tricycles are available for early morning trips. Thanks to Bicol Loco Festival 2024, there were so many to choose from. 

hot air balloon mayon volcano

Fortunately, she has media pass so was able to get inside quicker. However, she said from her own observation it was so easy for the public to get inside too. The line to get the complimentary ticket for Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival in Bicol is organized and works in timely manner. There are police marshalls spread out in the area that anyone can ask for more guidance how to get one and of course for peace of mind that this event is safe for everyone.

hot air balloon festival bicol 2025

While in Manila, my feed was full of posts about Bicol Loco Festival being jampacked. I asked my sister, how crowded it is? She said, there was a huge number of people who came but the event execution was properly organized and the venue was big enough to handle these big influx of people.

hot air balloon albay

For those with media pass like my sister, they were able to go near where the hot air balloons are. For the general public, there are only designated spots for them. For aircrafts, it is advised that the general public and those including the media participants shouldn't come near unless necessary for safety purposes.

There is a huge stage where activities currently done and the next ones are announced.  An estimate of 80, 000 people came during the first day. My sister said for the second day, there's still a huge crowd though she couldn't give an estimate of the total. 

The best ones for her are Hot Air Balloon viewing and aerobotic pyrodisplay. No need to explain why hot air balloon because it is the main attraction of any hot air balloon festivals. Seeing them in person and realizing how big and cute these are truly one of a kind experience.

According to my sister, another crowd favorite is the drone show where the smoke coming from the engine of the plane showed showed hot air balloon, heart and Hello Bicol.  She and her friend were not able to see these except the one that showed heart.

There were food and drinks inside. Anyone who gets hungry or thirsty doesn't need to go out anymore. 

As expected by eight in the morning, the scorching heat of the sun is at its peak already. There were shades all throughout the venue.  Many people brought their umbrellas and wear sunglasses. 

I asked her if Bicol Loco Festival happens again 2025, will she come? She said yes in an instant. She really wants to ride a hot air balloon by that time! I told her she has one year to save for Php 20, 000 because that is the fee to ride the hot air balloon. That is if the rate stays the same :)

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