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Pet-friendly Cafe in Makati With Charging Ports: ODD CAFE


pet friendly cafe in makati

Pet-friendly cafe in Makati with FREE charging ports. Yes, you read it right.  ODD Cafe is the name. Located inside a condo unit, this pet-friendly cafe is a cozy nook specially to those who are looking for a place to work online a bit with their pets.  Just make sure your furbaby is well-behaved, fully vaccinated and potty trained. You don't want to cause unwanted attention from other guests of this cafe and especially to those who are remotely working, right? 

pet friendly cafe in makati odd cafe

This write-up is a little bit delayed - I confess. I and my dog, Ollie visited this cafe during Holy Thursday. Since it is an official holiday in this country, I was expecting that we'll see few folks this time. However, we were totally wrong. There were around 10 customers enjoying their drinks and food when we arrived. The time was past close to 6 pm. Our Internet connection has problems and I have a deadline of task that day so I decided why not go to a pet-friendly cafe in Makati that we haven't been before?

odd cafe makati

Ollie my dog has not pooped yet. While he will be wearing diaper inside, I do not want to risk it! We walked the roads from starting from the left side of Finman Center Building up to the a few blocks then back to this building walking all the way to the end of the other side. I love the vibe of this particular neighborhood where Odd Cafe is. It is very peaceful despite having several cafes, offices and condos around. The amount of people walking is just enough and I even saw several fellow furparents walking their furbabies. It is safe to say that the whole neighborhood that Odd Cafe Makati belongs is a safe haven for pets. 

pet friendly cafe in manila

After almost half an hour of walking around, Ollie is done with his business so off we went to the Odd Cafe at last! Odd Cafe has a white theme which I like personally. It gives an automatic comfort to the eyes. I first chose the seat and table nearest to where we can order stuff the fastest. Upon checking the menu, I did not realize that Odd Cafe is actually a plant-based cafe! You know, for 3 years I have been on plantbased diet but even now that I went back to mindful consumption of lean meat to help me in my weight gain journey faster, I still adore cafes that offer plantbased food.

pet friendly cafe in makati

I am pretty full when I arrived here so I wanted something not so heavy. I chose Pita Pizza made of chickpeas, corn, vegan cheese and veggies I can't recall the names. It was exactly what I wanted - light in the stomach but still delicious. For the drinks, I chose Oolong tea dried leaves. I first tasted the authentic Oolong tea back in my trip to Taiwan many years ago and I love it. My brother who studied in Taiwan for his Doctoral degree always brings me Oolong tea too whenever he is back in Manila. 

As soon as I gave my payment, I quickly asked for the Wifi password because I am actually chasing a deadline for a task from my client. Odd Cafe's Wifi connection is superb. There are also ports that you may charge your gadgets for free. When I realized that I was sitting in a spot in front of where people order their food and drinks, I decided to find another seat. I am not able to concentrate but I love the fact that more people are approaching Ollie and give him belly rubs! My dog loves it so much.

pet friendly restaurant in makati

I looked around and found a vacant seat near the wall in the farthest section. I thought I was the only one bringing a laptop to work but then I found out, they are in the area I wanted this time. By this time, the pizza is completely gone. However, since I love Oolong tea - I asked if they can refill hot water so I can still drink my Oolong tea which they obliged.

I also bought a brownie bar. I don't want to stay in this pet-friendly cafe in Makati without ordering for more stuff as courtesy for providing a safe space for me and my furbaby to work and hangout together. 

Odd Cafe Makati's vibe is like a coworking space. For those who are not familiar of a coworking space, it is a shared working space mainly used by digital nomads or remote workers or small teams. There are charging ports, strong Wifi connection and aesthetic work tables with chairs that you can rent for a day or a week or a month or more.  No meals included although most of coworking spaces offer FREE unlimited cup of coffee.

I have nothing against coworking spaces but then why pay for connectivity and work environment when you can find a cafe like this that offers the same but you pay for what you eat or drink? I think if you need a day or two of break from being bored inside the house for working or want a change of atmosphere from working in a coworking space - a cafe like this is a great alternative. 

Though as a responsible cafe goer, I would not stay the whole day here doing my work when I only order the cheapest item in the menu. At the end of the day, this is a business establishment. Remember the unspoken rule of every cafe? Once done with their food and drinks which is typically an hour or two duration only, it is recommended that the customer leaves so there is a space for upcoming customers.

Anyways, that is it. For three hours, I had a great time here. I was able to beat my deadline. I wish though since they are pet-friendly cafe to at least add one for a pet to order too like a puppacino. I just feel guilty of eating alone while I have nothing to buy for Ollie. Good thing, the staff offered a bowl of cold water to my dog. This happened after I asked if there is anything I can order for my dog.

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