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My Blogapalooza 2013 Review

My Blogapalooza ID
I cannot count how many blogging events in Manila I have joined since I started to blog in 2009. Among them, Blogapalooza 2013 is noteworthy because this is the very first time that in a whole - day activity I was not rushing to go back to work. 

Having a full - time job at the same time running a travel blog and shop has put my health at risk. I had shorter sleeping hours and my productivity in my previous company is suffering because my attention is divided. 

So I followed what my heart says and I quit my job! I am now a full - time blogger and a bootstrapping entrepreneur aiming to follow the path of a location - independent style.  I make sure that I am updated with the trends and events in the Philippine blogosphere more so that I know what is going on and who are the persons that make it going!

Blogapalooza 2013 is one of the biggest blogging events in Manila this year. Four hundred plus bloggers, dozens of brands and a handful of online personalities convened to make this a reality. Again this is not the first time I have been to an event like this so pretty much I have an idea of what are the usual topics that will be tackled like social media ethics, building online influence and working with brands so on and so forth.  

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It seems that it is just like yesterday that the iBlog8 happened and now the iBlog9 is coming in a few weeks. Blogging gave me so many opportunities (meeting incredible people and non-stop learning) that it literally changed my world.  Being able to create a blog-based business is the most important thing I am very thankful for because it paved the way for me to have extra income. Starting a blog overnight or after a length of time is not a guarantee that a monetization surely happens next instead it is a rigorous dedication of time and immeasurable patience. I cannot count how many blog-related events I joined for me to learn everything from getting to know who are the influencers related to my interest I have to follow, meetups I look forward to attend, fellow bloggers and blogs I have to keep checking for inspiration etc.  This is one of the events I super recommend to any bloggers either starting or already established because this event alone can give you a thousand more reasons to keep blogging.