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Philippines aims to attain Guinness World Record for Longest Line ofCoins

There is more to look forward this coming Nov. 30 aside from it is Bonifacio Day, a non-working holiday. Lead by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Officers Club and Employees Association, Philippines aims to attain a Guiness World Record for Longest Line of Coins in a project called "Barya ng mga Bayani: The Power of Small Change". At least 5 million of pieces of 25 centavo coins will be lined up and estimated to measure up to 70 kilometers at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta Park on Bonifacio Day. ------------

Filipinos are invited to volunteer to line up the coins, bring 25 centavo coins and other coin denominations or be a sponsor to one of hte kilometers for only P12, 500. The organizers hope that through this event not only Philippines bag another Guiness title but to "unify Filipinos to unleash the power of small change and the power of unity through small acts starting at collecting and donating coins for nation-building. The collected amounts will then be used to fund construction of classrooms for public elementary schools in the country.------------

Ever wonder why Quirino Grandstand? Well last year's tragic incident about  the hostage of ex-police that killed Hong Kong tourists gave this place a bad impression so hopefully with this event the image will turn to be a lot better. [Image of the  25 Philippine Peso coin taken from Wikipedia]

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