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Seven Minutes!

Was talking to a customer over the phone last night with a very charismatic voice at the start. Took seven minutes before I pulled up his order info only to find out that it’s cancelled. After hearing what happened, his voice changed like a roaring lion.

Him: “Seven minutes? Took you seven minutes before you tell me that? You just wasted seven precious minutes of my life! I would have been undressed and been undressed someone, made a banal conversation and went all out in seven minutes!I would have done something better of my time!” Well in Paulo Coelho’s blog it’s actually 11 minutes long in a post last 11/11/11 but I did not contest. So I said every positive scripts and anything spiel I can explain which now I forgot what it is all about and he calmed down at the end saying “Anyway it is Thanksgiving…” 

Makes me think how many seven-minutes of doing something good have I wasted in my life compared to this man who thinks like I have wasted seven years of his life. 

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