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FREE Foreign Familiar Photography Exhibition at Shangri-La Plaza

    • 10 November – 21 November 2011
      4th floor, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong.

      Nine photographers from six western countries who lived and worked in different Asian countries and later developed a strong passion andinterest in Asia will showcase exhibition that puts an emphasis on the modern urban environment with its dynamic development and on the frictions which result from these dramatic and exuberant transformations.

      City of Ambition: FERIT KUYAS / Switzerland – China

      Space- In-Between: OLIVIER PIN-FAT / England – Thailand

      Babel: WOLFGANG BELLWINKEL / Germany – Thailand Indonesia – Singapore

      Home: MARRIGJE DE MAAR/ Netherlands – China

      Bangkok Twilight: NICK NOSTITZ/ Germany – Thailand

      Salaryman Project: BRUNO QUINQUET / France – Japan

      Reflections of Chaos and Calm: PETER STEINHAUER / USA – China – Vietnam – Burma

      Rithy, Chéa, Kim Sour et les autres: LAURENCE LEBLANC / France – Cambodia

      Voyage imaginaire au Japon: GRAZIELLA ANTONINI Switzerland – Japan

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