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Thank you!

Checking my  phone!
Wanna say thank you  to the one who found and returned my smartphone! I was like 'You sure you wanna return this?' Any lessons learned? Haven't learned any yet actually this happened a few times already . If is returned thank you if not, fine.

I live online so having a smartphone really is amazing. I think that the number of hours I  have flirted with a guy  online is way, more than in person . But anyway  I give due credit to the online world for letting me meet a few good men as well for business and non - business  purposes.

Ah pls  don't be surprised if from time to  time I mention about boys. Well I am in the right age and in the right mind totally. What I notice is if I spice up a little about boys there's a lot reading here. Probably much more interested than what this blog is all about. So we have to  go with the flow! No  naming names promise.  I know what  to tell and  what  not tell.


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    Leydi Ayala There's still good, honest people out there :).
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  2. Maria Rona Beltran yeah i might have understimated the kindness of others :)