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What I Learned In the 5th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference

Lately I have been reading a lot about people having successful business with a viral entrepreneurial spirit online so when I heard about the 5th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference to be held in Mandarin Hotel Makati I did not waste any time and checked it out.

An economist, a blogger and a multi-awarded entrepreneur led the conference. I was like what am I doing here, because mostly the women who are there have their own businesses so I just quietly take a seat and listen to the speakers. I just came out from my 11PM – 8AM shift that night and I am attending a 9AM gathering! I was gulping a very cold energy drink freezing in my left hand and after I am done I grabbed a 'burning' coffee just to keep me up the whole event. Then I make sure I am standing after and walking for a while from time to time so that I won’t fall asleep. This is tough really please
do not do this!

Ronald Balbieran who is an economist was the first speaker and talked about well, Economy and since I am not into this stuff I was trying my best to absorb anything but the jargon words are drowning me plus my sleepy head but all throughout his talk our Philippine economy is all good to start any business and we have to thank our bachelor president he said. If there is one thing that got in my head is this one:

Manila occupies only 0.2% of the total land area of the Philippines but 18% of the total population of the country is residing here. Thirty-four percent of GDP income of the country is coming from Manila. So if we ask is the Philippines over-populated? NO. Only in Manila. What we need is proper distribution of our booming population and good governance.

Next is a blogger, Patricia Gosiengtian of whom I can relate the most of all the speakers since we share the same interest and that is why you are reading this. She talked about outbound marketing which is the trend before like advertising through billboards, radio, tv etc. Now it is all inbound marketing. You create your own content and optimize it. Then promote it to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. Her story is pretty interesting because she started blogging at 18 if Im not mistaken and her fashion blog is getting page views per day of 50, 000 plus!

Josiah Go, the last speaker is not-your-ordinary-entrepreneur. When his introduction was read I can’t help but my jaw dropped of the awards under his belt. This guy's task is tough. He helps losing companies to recover and gives free seminars about it. He also gives financial funds and anyone with a very nice idea can get in touch with him and give a 5 minute pitch. If you’re idea is pretty cool go check him out. You may also follow him @josiahgo on Twitter. He tweets thoughts and advices about entrepreneurship.

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