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Batanes Tour Package and Itinerary

"Batanes is a picture that reminds me of those elusive Scottish highlands and lighthouses, women wearing "strange" headdresses, houses made of corals, cogon roofs and limestone walls. It is also as synonymous to a faraway place which is very true. Batanes is geographically nearer to Taiwan than in Manila and is the smallest province in terms of population and land area situated in the northernmost part of the Philippines. It is composed of ten islands which only three has inhabitants - Batan, Itbayat and Sabtang. The people of Batanes are called Ivatans mostly having similar features of a Chinese' almond eyes and the Spaniards' aquiline nose. " [ALL PHOTOS HERE ARE CREDITED TO RYAN LARA CARDONA]

Batanes Lighthouse

Batanes Tourist Spots

In BATAN ISLAND you will find Basco - the most populated you can see MT. IRAYA is a dormant volcano good for mountain climbing and trailblazing, RADAR TUKON is an abandoned United States weather station located on a hilltop, KANYUYAN BEACH PORT is the port of call of cargo ships bringing goods from Manila, SONGSONG IN CHADPIDAN BAY is an hour of exhilarating trek that offers a beautiful sunset view of Batanes, STO DOMINGO CHURCH is one of the first limestone buildings to be built under the Spanish regime, NAIDI HILLS is walking distance from Basco proper, VALUGAN BAY has a kilometer long stretch of fine white beach with multi-colored rocks, FUNDACION ABAD or PACITA ABAD MUSEUM - home of the world renowned artist Pacita Barsana Abad, it houses her paintings, SAN CARLOS BORROMEO CHURCH Heritage Site with centuries old features, CHAWA CAVE an enchanted cave with natural salt beds whose mouth opens to the South China Sea, SITIO JURA AT RACUJAIDE is believed to have the legendary spring of youth and crystal cave with living limestone formations and RACUJAIDI old, DIATAY BEACH is a cave with multi-colored rocks and white sand, RACUH A PAYAMAN, it offers a panoramic view of the hills and the sea where the cows outnumber the people, and the WIND TURBINE FARM SYSTEM - the first commercially operated hybrid system in the Philippines.

Hills and Mountains

In Ivana, you may see RADIWAN POINT and IVANA SEAPORT both historical spots where the Katipuneros landed in 1898, SAN JOSE CHURCH has a crenellated fortress-like campanile. The church faces the Ivana Seaport where an Honesty Shop is open for buyers who get their goods and leave their money on a wooden box. MT. MATAREM an extinct volcano, and the HOUSE OF DAKKAY which one is one of the oldest houses in Ivana. In Uyugan is Ruins of UYUGAN, a ghost barangay with houses made of roofless shells abandoned after the tidal wave that hit the island of Batan in the 50’s.

Vakul headdress a headgear made of abaca fiber designed to protect the wearer from sun and rain.

In Sabtang Island, It has sand beaches dominated with steep mountains and deep canyons. Visit Chavayan and witness the rolling of the seven waves: Sumnanga or the Little Hongkong; Nakanmuan, the fishing Village; watch the “Kuyab” or Migratory Birds from China that flock by the hundreds during October.

Stone house in Batanes
In Itbayat Island, the Sarokan Cave, you can see orchids that abound in the island to discover and burial caves. Shaped like a giant bowl, no beach and no pier. It has a dirt airstrip for private aircraft and a “regular ferry” runs he Batan-Itbayat route.

Special thanks to Ryan Lara Cordana, a Batanes local and tour guide for the photos.

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