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What is June for Me?

Can't believe it is half of the year already! I have witnessed old friends from work leaving and I felt sad for two reasons. One, I will miss them and and two I feel like I am left behind again. But life should keep going and so is this blog! After joining the iBlog8 Philippine Blogging Summit - an annual gathering of the bloggers in the Philippines last month, I wished I have blogged as early as I can.

Being a social media addict slash enthusiast slash I am, there are two things I am looking forward to be part of this June. will be having The First Eyeball Dinner and Cocktails event and looking for writers, contributors and photographers and Manila Social Media Day 2012 meetup. I am crazy about meeting people, knowing key people who  influences others according to their niches, networking and building relationships so I hope these events will give me opportunities. If there is one word in this world that I am very much "in love" with, it is collaboration
Please allow me to give my definition of this word - it is about contribution of efforts, time, skills etc of more than one people from their expertise or skills towards a positive goal. After visiting Colab Manila last January, I have fallen in love of this word more! I am inspired by these people who does not work in the offices, (but does not mean I feel the opposite for those who do) called as entrepreneurs.

Back to collaboration, since this blog is about heritage and culture, I have seen the need to really go to places and the question "Where to travel next in the Philippines?" is bugging me always. But since I don't have the resources as I have a JOB THAT REQUIRES ME TO STICK MY ASS TO MY STATION ALWAYS, I have to do some sort of collaboration.  Two places in the country that I really want to go and blog about are Batanes and Boracay. Oh boy! Who does not wanna be here?

Batanes will soon have a space here I pray. I have been doing an exchange of email correspondence with Ryan one of the local tour guides in Batanes asking him to write a post of him of his place. Looking at the photos he took is making me more drool  to see this place soon.  Another is Oliver, a co-founder of an event organizer in Boracay about a bar-hopping tour that guarantees to meet lots of people, play games, drink and dance    is also very kind to give me the information I needed to write about it too.

My friends would always ask me why and how I meet people a lot lately. I told them it is all about social media. Ryan happens to like one of Facebook Fan pages of a travel blog. He added me up and I added him as well. Oliver is a German who saw me walking in the mall and I am holding a loot bag from Startup Manila Weekend, he approached me and he is interested to join this event as well as he is into startups and an entrepreneur. I told him the event just finished and he gave his calling card and we added each other through social media sites. So there you go,  social media is making our world smaller than ever.  

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