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Manila Social Media Day 2012

How do i  live in a  social  media infused-life  in Manila? When I wake up in the morning as soon as I have a hot coffee in my hand I grab my laptop and go online. Login to Facebook: read my Friends' posts, see what is being talked the most and view profiles of a few actually just one, ok, a few significant persons I stalk.  Check my messages:   friends sending where-is-our-next-hangout details, online people within my niche exchanging thoughts about collaboration and wondering this guy I met online whom I had good times together if I have a when-can-we-see-each-other-again reply blah-blah. Check my  blog as if it miraculously changed in anyway when I am the only one who has admin access to this. Check my Yahoo and Google emails for my subscriptions, forums and newsletters I joined.

Not really a woman of 140 characters, time I spent to Twitter is a little less. But relevant events and valuable information always what Twitter mean to me. I have presence on Google Plus as well but I hardly open it. But I make sure all my original blog posts I share it here for SEO and better ranking purposes. When I go to a restaurant, movie house, theater, hotel etc I check in to Foursquare through my smartphone. Check real tips from people who have been here, see my friends where they have been and know who's the Mayor of the place like the heck I care who the person is. At the back of my mind I have this feeling "I gotta be a Mayor somewhere too!" for some reasons.

With 2, 000 Facebook friends & 180+ subscribers, 1,000+ Twitter followers and a blog going to three I must admit I am a social media addict. I am crazy about meeting people, knowing key people who  influences others big time, networking and building relationships in my own way.

Because of social media, I feel like my life is an open book now. Constantly posting my thoughts: well -thought of, filled with humors, sometimes  naughty but moderated, with a bit of bitterness  etc. So for those who feel exactly the same as I have described my life right now, I am inviting you to the Social Media Day 2012 in Manila location sponsored by Mashable - the leading news portal for social media stuff. The Social Media Day is a worldwide which celebrates the connected generation around the world networking event for social media influencers, bloggers, and digital personalities from Metro Manila

Social media is NOT all about connecting and sharing ONLINE, we need to go out and SEE and MEET these people real time. We should not just sit there, check our friends' updates and that's it.There is nothing more challenging than hearing their voice about how they have been and see how they look like beyond their profile pictures.Most of all with all these pictures you see going to travel, buying a new gadget, getting married, having a baby, receiving achievements, happy family should NOT AFFECT you like this is the REALITY. What you do with your life is your REALITY and NOT SOMEBODY ELSE.So go out after going online make sure you still LIVE in the REAL WORLD.

June 30, 2012 (Saturday) at 7 PM
Tea 101 Taiwan’s No. 1 Drink
Scout Bayoran corner Tomas Morato Extension,
Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City

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