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Have to let go this time!

I am writing this in the 37th floor where I have a breathtaking view of Manila's skyline from four different angles (Makati, Ortigas, Pasig and Mandaluyong) trying to catch some fresh air.  I just came from Ilocos the other night and a few thing in my list was never done.  Worse is I am in my point on deciding which ones to keep and which ones to give up.  The traffic of my blog until now is at its worst as I check my Google analytics and Feedjit widget. This blog means so much to me as the time I have spent here are really huge!

I was thinking of using this blog as my portal to the path of entrepreneurship. This is the only way I know so far to be free from this seven year imprisonment within the four corners of a workstation that requires me to report to work on a scheduled time and even on holidays! I have been joining events to enrich my knowledge and trying to get to know successful people whom I can get an idea from. I can talk all day how I am inspired by these people really who are into coworking, collaboration, entrepreneurship etc. If anyone of you reading this and has been following my drama here on my blog I'd love to talk to you. Please send me a message and tell me anything. Don't care if it's bad or not I am here to get feedback or violent reaction maybe. Or if you are within Manila we can have some chamomile tea or light beer maybe.

What did I gave up?
I just started a few weeks ago as a volunteer review editor of freeware in a tech site because a quarter of me is into computers and stuff. But it was harder that I thought and I need more time to get to know the task. I attempted but still my mind can't focus much because ALL I THINK is to GET THE TRAFFIC OF MY BLOG BACK. So I sent an email to the one in charge as early as I can to not to cause more inconvenience and failed expectations.

You know what happened?

 I was actually able to give them a hint that they need some improvement when it comes to tutorial of anyone who wants to be part of their site. Coolness!

Blog’s new byline and description
Since the domain of this blog has changed, I have to do a bit of changes as well. The blog’s new byline is No Monkey Business. I wanted to get an idea of the Philippines local identity and some thoughts about doing business. So this is what I came up with. The blog description also has to change and since I usually blog about the Philippines' culture, heritage and tourism (the lighter version though), might as well add something that promotes collaboration and entrepreneurship (which I usually talk about)

What’s in my bucket list now?
I got two now: 
1. Now that Christmas vacation is approaching, I am sure more people will be on the lookout of how to spend their happy holidays so I got an idea. I will post an ad of my Ilocos tour package in my place. I live in the heart or should I say in the lungs of Manila! I live in a condo unit along Edsa Ave which is in the middle of two MRT stations. Now this building is divided into two parts one residential and the other half is business so there a pretty huge number of people coming in and out of our place. Plus posting a bond paper size of ad in the lobby where people can get to see this is FREE so this is definitely on top of my list. 

2. What is good thing about Google though it is a “god” in advertising and search engines, it knows how to go back to the most primitive way of getting in touch with its clients and possible customers – through sending postal mails. Since I am a Google Adsense publisher I received an email about its Adwords program. I wanna give it a try in the coming weeks. I need to do a bit more research on this first.

So what now?
Keep going for as long as I can. I am no Superwoman. I can't remember how many times I have failed and made mistakes over and over again. I can't count how many times I cried for someone
wishing to win him back which is very impossible to happen. I have no concrete background (educational or professional) in terms of getting into business. But I am willing to take risk which is a common trait of a true entrepreneur! Not afraid of falling and starting all over again if needed.


  1. I like your entrepreneur spirit! All success comes after getting up from the last fall. As long as the number of times you get up is ONE more time than the number you fell, then you are successful! I'm in Manila sometimes. Will be most glad to catch up for business visions & ideas anytime. In fact, I think we are friends on FB, that's how I got the link to this blog of yours. Keep the spirit strong & just keep moving. Important is not where you are now, more important is the direction in which you are moving towards!

  2. Thanks Jason! Yeah just like what i said on Fb mine is still long long way to go. I have been reading a lot of online stuff about entrepreneurship etc and again thank you for these inspiring words :)